Tuesday, 1 May 2007

One of those days

So its day one without alcohol. Its nice to turn up to work sober for a change (thats a joke) but today is, and will continue to be "one of those days". You know the type where all these little things go wrong, and they build up and build up and before you know it you're standing at the top of a tall building with a high powered rifle playing 'kill the stranger' (well, ok, maybe not going THAT far, but you get the message).
You want a list? its only 8.30 and here's whats happened so far.
  • Banged my head on the car roof as I was getting in the car to come to work
  • Got all the way to the office door from the car park before realising I had left my swipe card in the car
  • Burnt my hand when making my morning tea
  • Dropped a new CD I was going to take back to the shops and broke the case rendering it useless
  • Held the door open for an ignorant w@nker who just walked through with so much as a thank you
  • Tripped up a curb on the way to the newsagents to get Q magazine
Now I know taken in isolation these things are not that bad, but one after the other, (and I will re-iterate its only 8.30!) I can feel my temper rising.

Anyway - its going to be a quiet day today, as I have very little work on, so I think Im going to be bored. I will mostly be listening to Oasis' album "Be Here Now" today, in recognition that its been 10 years since its release.

Hopefully my day will get better....

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