Monday, 31 March 2008

Catch up

So whats been going on.
Saturday I went and bought the rest of the gear I need to record me and my guitar - mic and mic stand. However, setting up the software on my laptop to talk to the recording unit has proved a b****** and so Im going to have to leave you panting in anticipation that little bit longer, until I have got some advice from a guy at work who does this sort of thing alot.

Sunday morning was spent down the driving range and putting green with number one son. Sunday afternoon was spent on my @rse.

Tonight - at time of writing Im listening to Radio Wey Hospital radio online. Long story - one of my ex-bosses who I got on really well with works as a part time DJ at the studio and does a show Monday nights 9.00 - 11.00. Anyway, he takes request, and so I've spent all night emailing him, making him laugh online, and getting requests played. Its the ultimate interactive entertainment, hearing him chat to me via a radio station. And I may say, he's very good at what he does.

So there you go, you're up to date. Peace.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Getting by with a little help from my friend

I've re-added a hit counter thanks to my mate Russ who sent me a better link.

Here's another link to his most excellent blog - The Blog With No Name

Thanks mate!

F$%*&@# hit counter

I've had to remove my hit counter... I got it from some free source, but you have to advertise their online degree service. This is the second one I've used and its the second one that after a set amount of time decides to morph into just a big banner ad for their service. So I've removed it. I know I was up over 4000 hits which Im really chuffed at, but now I wont know if anyone is out there...

Still, it means I have a little more screen real estate to play with. Suggestions?

Played football last night (dehydrated this morning = headache) and when I got home from football the bloody dog had eaten my mobile phone. Well, not ingested it, but gave it a right good chew to the extent I have to get a new handset delivered tonight. Its my own fault, I left it at home, and I dont normally do that, but I didnt want to leave it in the car while I played football... but still, I was not a happy bunny when I got home. (I didnt take it out on the dog though, that wouldn't be fair).

At least its Friday... very little work to do today really, but I have a couple of articles I have yet to read in my WIRED magazine, I will pop out to see if my other regular buy, Q magazine, is out yet and I might pop to the record store. So that should fill my day!


Thursday, 27 March 2008

Found this on Reddit...

quite a funny little film. Safe for work, but you could do with sound...

A Walk In The Woods

Oh and I downloaded some albums from today...

"You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
"Consolers Of The Lonely" by The Raconteurs
"Diamond Hoo Ha" by Supergrass

I'm listening to the first one as I type this, and its good... a kind of electro / rock / dance crossover... I'd never heard of them until I saw their album advertised on so I took a risk and Im glad I did!

Its arrived



So now all I need is a mic and then I can get recording! I had a period of thinking "hhhmmm have I done the right thing here..." but now I can't wait. I have enough confidence in the songs I can cover to think they could sound quite good, as long as I get a good recording of them. Anyway, hopefully, all things being well, I will have something recorded by the end of the weekend to share with you on Monday... they will be in MP3 format on the site I have setup here

Have a good day - maybe more posting later if I get bored.

Word verification removed

Following greeny's lead I have removed word verification from my comments section. I may put it back on if I get inundated with spam, but at the moment its far less annoying if I remove it.


(More posts later when I've ingested enough good ol' English tea...)

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

New Shoes!

Classic Vans.... lovely.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Welcome back

Good morning children, I hope you all had a nice Easter.

I had a nice weekend, up with the in-laws relaxing. We saw my nephew and nieces on Sunday and Monday, and I played golf on Saturday, so it was a good weekend for me. I played OK, but the weather was quite difficult (VERY strong winds, snow flurries) so I only managed to shoot +19 (on a par 72 - you work it out) but I was pleased with the way I played as I managed a run of 5 pars on the back 9 and played some good golf in hard conditions. It was only the holes that were back into the wind, or very exposed that caused problems.

Anyway, now I've bored you all to tears... not much planned for this week, working from home on Thursday (as I need to do the school run in the morning and afternoon) and thats about it. Still, at least its a four-day week so its over nice and quick. Oh, my recording unit should be here this week, so maybe I can start doing some stuff if I can get a microphone.

Have a lovely day people. Peace.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

She's gone on a spending spree...

Just ordered...

... my home recording unit. Its an Alesis IO2 two track USB unit, that comes packaged with some home studio software. Im quite excited about it, and all I need now is a microphone, then I can get recording! woohoo! I know its only got two tracks, but one for my voice and one for my guitar - what more do I need!

Oh, and an update to the football situation, a friend of mine has offered me game with his work mates this evening. I have played with them before, so I know most of them, and at least Im getting a run out, so thanks G.

Last day at work before a loooong weekend

Yes, its Easter this weekend. A time for chocolate eggs and relaxing with family. (OK, I know the holiday also has religious connotations but Im not a religious person, so I apologise).

We are travelling up to see the in-laws tomorrow and coming back on Monday (so a fair bit of driving to be done) and on the Saturday Im playing golf with the guy who organised my weekend game the other week. Apart from that I can look forward to sitting around, reading, relaxing, taking the dog for walks on the beach, and probably eating and drinking too much!

No football tonight - I've been 'dropped' as I've missed a couple of weeks so have to wait my turn again. Im a bit pi$$ed off about that if Im honest, as I have always been there when I can be there, but what can you do? So tonight I think I'll treat myself to something nice for dinner and a nice bottle of wine.

Anyway, I will try and post over the weekend, but Im going to the land of no broadband so it might be difficult. Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter all.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A work of fiction

It's raining as he looks out of his window. Even though it's approaching midnight, there's plenty enough light thanks to the street lights, the neon advertisements, and their reflections in the puddles on the pavement. The rain has eased off to a gentle drizzle, almost like a dusting of water in the air. This is good. It means the selection of his next victim can be done in relative peace. No one wants to be out and about in weather like this.
He turns away from the window to finish his preparation. He's dressed in blue jeans and a sweatshirt, he shies away from the typical 'psycho killer' look of all black, he wants to blend in, not stand out. He pulls on his running shoes and throws on a light, water proof jacket. He could be just another man out for a drink, or a pack of cigarettes, or on his way home after a night out. He feels the reassuring weight of the seven inch hunting knife in the inside pocket of the jacket and decides he's ready.
As he leaves his apartment, he feels the familiar quickening of his pulse, the slight clamminess on the back of his neck, and the fluttering of butterflies in his stomach. But his hands are still and steady and his movements relaxed. As he walks toward the red-light area of the town the moisture in the air feels good on his skin, and thinks that tonight will be a good one. Its not his first, and he doesn't think it will be his last, but as he's got away with it so far, why should it end tonight?
He spots her. Across the street from him. About fifty yards away. She's smoking and looking bored as she scans the street, waiting for a car to be driving slow enough to indicate a possible punter. He's not walking too slow as to draw attention to himself, and not too fast as to appear to be rushing toward her, so after a cursory glance she ignores him. He angles across the street and walks down the pavement toward her. She's started to pay more attention to him now, part of her thinking "work" part of her thinking "threat". When he's no more than five yards away she speaks...
"Alright love? Looking for company?"
He can hear the slight tremor in her voice - yes, she's still not sure, customer or crazy man.
He feigns his own slight nervousness with a small stutter as he asks about prices.
"Tenner hand relief, twenty oral, fifty full sex", in business mode now, put at ease by his demeanour.
He asks if there is somewhere they can go - he doesn't have a car, he explains.
"I know a little place, just round the corner, cozy, out of the rain."
As she walks off ahead of him, leading him to the alley she uses for these short, sharp transactions, he lifts his face up to the rain and fingers the blade of his knife through the jacket lining. "Yes" he thinks, "this will be a good one..."

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Why you shouldn't shake hands in the office

OK, first of all, apologies for those eating at the moment.
I was in the gents this morning, doing what nature enforces on you, with someone else in the next cubicle. As I was sat there contemplating life and all its mysteries, I heard the fellow w.c user finish his business and commence to 'wipe and shine'. I then heard the flush, the trousers being zipped up, and the cubicle door opened. A small pause of silence (i.e. not running water, no soap dispenser, no hand towels being taken...) then the door the toilet opening and closing! eeeuuuww!
I dont know who you were, phantom bog-user-non-hand-washer, but if I find out I will make sure people know NOT to go near you with their bare hands or any sort of edible material... disgusting.

Anyway, apart from that, not a bad day so far. Played football for the first time in 3 weeks last night, so Im a bit achy but not as bad as I expected (we drew in the end).

A small bit of work on - nothing too strenuous.

Soundtrack of the day: "Searching For The Hows And Whys" by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly (yes, the one I bought yesterday - its a good one).

Monday, 17 March 2008


Good morning all. I went to find out about a home recording setup - but Im waiting on a call back from the shop's owner, who can tell me what they can order in. I think I'll be getting a four-track unit that plugs into my laptop at home, plus a microphone, and... well, that'll be it, I'll have to start churning out tracks. I've got an idea of doing some covers that I can play well, plus whatever new material I can write. And yes, I'll be posting them up here so I can be criticised by an international audience!
As for the weekend... City won (woohoo!) Jake and I got a bit cold and wet at the driving range on Sunday, (he's getting better each time we go, its good to see) and that was about it... dullsville I know, but I like relaxing at weekends (especially when the weather is foul) so I did a lot of reading which I enjoy (as you all know).
This week, I are mostly be doing.... nuffin. Football tonight (probably), nowt Tuesday and Wednesday and then maybe football Thursday. This weekend is Easter weekend, and so on Good Friday we'll be driving up to stay with my inlaws for the weekend, and as a treat I've been given permission by the current Mrs. Molloy to play golf on Saturday with the guy who organised my Shropshire trip.
So have a good Monday, and keep an eye on the 'broadcast' - I might put the camera on later.
Update: I splurged again at lunchtime, bought three new CD's

"Searching For The Hows And Whys" by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (Their new album...)
"Monster" by R.E.M (Yes I know its an old one, but I've never owned it on CD and Im right into R.E.M at the moment...)
"What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye (Another classic...)

Friday, 14 March 2008

In the world of me

Not much has been going on really.... got back in a reasonable amount of time from Birmingham yesterday. Found out that the garage door (the one I drive in and out of) got damaged during the last storm so I had to work from home today so I could fix it. Cue hammers, scafolding poles and bricks but ta-da! Done.

Tomorrow Im gonna be going to the local music shop and finding out about recording equipment and in the afternoon not doing much. Sunday down the driving range with number one son, and then City are on the TV in the afternoon. Then, befoe we know it, its Monday again... zzzzzzz

And referencing my earlier post, I actually DID write a song on the way home from Birmingham... if I can get it recorded to a good standard, then maybe I'll post it up for your delectation (is that the word??)


View from the 6th tee

Looking left from the tee on the 6th

View from the tee looking down to the green (what a view!)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Random images from my journey this morning

Thoughts from a moving train

What is it about travelling on a train that makes me feel 'artistic'? I know, I know, sounds poncy right? but bare with me...
Travelling today up to Birmingham I got these feelings that I have had before when on this sort of journey. Im relaxed. Im looking out of the window at beautiful countryside and my
head becomes full of thoughts about creating something - be it a song, a picture, a painting... even a blog post. I sit in my seat, clicking away with my phone's camera, song lyrics and
ideas running through my head. It's a very nice feeling, but its also annoying, because I dont have enough talent to take those feelings onto the next level and actually DO something with them.

Other thoughts... I sometimes have the feeling that Im someone other than I am whilst travelling... I dont mean in the sense that I pretend to be someone else, although for the short time Im on the journey I dont have to be me. Its hard to explain - its like when someone else on the train looks at me I could be anyone going anywhere. Not just a middle aged software developer travelling up to one of my other offices to do some work. And speaking of people looking at you, today I had another instance where I couldn't work out if the woman across the aisle from me was sneaking looks at me over her paper... it was kind of like a game of cat and mouse, I kept on trying to see if she was looking at me, but I didnt want her to think I was looking at her trying to look at me.

Anyway... as I write this, we're just moving out of Banbury so we have about an hours worth of travelling to do. I will finish the book Im reading (you'll see it in the pics I'll post later) and get ready to get off this train. Hope I haven't bored you too much...

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Evening extra

Thought I'd post a quick one and list the songs I've just been playing on the ol' geetar...

"High And Dry" and "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead
"Talk Tonight", "Rockin' Chair", "Do You Wanna Be A Spaceman", "Wonderwall" by Oasis
"Norwegian Wood", "Hide Your Love Away" by The Beatles
"Dead Or Alive" by Bon Jovi

And I played AND sang all the way through them all. A good session. Night all.

New Contact Details

I have updated my profile - I have a Skype Id that you can contact me on for instant chats etc.

My ID is simon_molloy7777.

Also, if the room Im staying in tomorrow night has Broadband, maybe I'll connect the camera and say hi to you all...

Update: Im listening to Radiohead today (albums - The Bends, In Raindbows, Hail To The Thief) and there's something about their music that re-motivates me with regards to playing guitar.... so guess what I'll be doing tonight! There's also a guy who works here who keeps nagging me about buying some home recording stuff and recording some more songs. Again, listening to bands like Radiohead makes me start thinking maybe I should be looking into that... we'll see.


OK, so greeny has tagged me with a meme post. Yes, I know, I was as confused as you are, but apparently its a 6 word 'memoir' about yourself. You then tag other peoples blogs to get them to do the same... or something (!).

So - my 6 word memoir about myself. You know, its hard to distill someone as good looking, intelligent, sensitive, witty, caring, generous, fabulous, fantastic and well hung as me into 6 words. (I kid of course... Im not that well hung) but I'll give it a go.

Husband Father with peaceful life aspirations

As greeny said, this is just a summarisation of my life over the past 11 years or so, but it kind of sums me up nicely.

So here are the rules (again according to "Mostly Mom with giant nature dreams.")

1. Write your own six word memoir
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post.
4. Tag five more blogs with links.
5. And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

Here are my 5 other 'tags':

Blog With No Name (Russ)
Charlie Says... (Graham)
Approaching Destination Ahead (Jetpass)
The Best Is Yet To Be (Mom)
Life Of Otter (Otter)

So there you go... I've you come here finding out about what its all about - you can also Wiki it.

Back to work

So Im back, and I had a really good two days away thanks for asking. Arrived at the hotel on Sunday at about 09.30, (about an hour and a half before the first tee time) so had time for a cup of tea, a bacon sandwich, a good stretch and some time on the putting green. More or less straight away everyone was having a good laugh, and a lot of the guys from last year remembered me and they again made me feel really welcome. I didnt play too well on that first day - ended up with 23 points and came about 5th / 6th so not too good. My shot of the day was my tee shot on the first tee... we were the first group out and so there were 11 blokes watching me tee off! Luckily I hit it long and straight so with the comments of "Good shot!" and "Oh, nice one Si" ringing in my ears I wandered up the first fairway. Dinner that evening was four courses (all part of the price) and very nice, and after a couple of 'refreshments' in the bar, we hit the rooms for a good nights sleep for Monday.
After all the bad weather reports about gales etc. we woke up Monday fearing the worst. We looked out the window of the room and saw... clear-ish skies, no rain, little wind.. it looked idyllic.
We had breakfast and got ready to go out and for the rest of the round we must have been in the 'eye of the storm' (as one bloke put it) because despite the prophecies of doom and gloom we had more or less the same weather as the day before, just a bit windier and wetter. We were unbelievably lucky. My better half said (when I phoned her) that they had been soaked all day...
Anyway, played a lot better on the Monday, and ended up winning the second day with 36 points
AND getting a nearest the pin. So a good day. The journey home was alright and before I knew it I was back home with the family. So a good weekend all round. So what have I missed here??

Rest of the week: Tomorrow and Thursday up in Birmingham and then back in the office Friday. I'll be 'broadcasting' at some point this afternoon... for those who haven't seen yet, its not all that interesting, so dont get too excited about it! Peace.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Webcam Test

OK, I have a new item on my "Sites I Visit".

When Im broadcasting, you'll actually be able to see me! If there is no sound, dont worry, its because I turned it off.

Enjoy! (Or not, as the case may be)....

Wired Magazine

Its been a while since I had a proper rant, so here we go. Wired Magazine.
I love this magazine. I love reading it. Its full of stuff I'm interested in, and it's different each month. So, I thought, I'll subscribe. Its actually hard to get hold of in the UK, so what better way than to get it sent straight to my door. So I sent off my subscription request in June 2007. Since then, I have had 1 (yes, one) edition successfully delivered to my door. Every time I have emailed the customer services dept. I first of all receive an automated confirmation email ("We have received your communication and someone will deal with your issue") which I hate because it gives the impression they are ultra-responsive to your requests when in fact they aren't. I then receive an email anywhere between two and four days later saying "According to our records we're sending the magazine to [My Address] - please confirm this is correct" etc. My address on their records IS correct, and I keep telling them this. The nothing happens. I wait in vain for the next month, and still no magazine. So I've had enough. I've cancelled my subscription (which my better half has kept telling me to do for ages) and I will try and source the magazine by other means. To Wired magazine, their customer services dept. and the people who 'responded' (ha!) to my requests with a complete lack of care or empathy - YOU SUCK.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

For some reason I find this really creepy...

Let it load when you click on it, its worth it...

Click Here

Which came first...

Last night I had a rather strange dream. Now I know normally, when someone says to you "Oh, I had a really weird dream last night!" you instantly wanna insert something sharp and rusty into them to stop them boring your brain out of your ears... but I wanted to share this one with you because its more the after effects that are weird. (Stop giggling at the back, this is not a rude one).
I dreamed I was driving one of my old cars (for those that know me, remember my gold Cortina??)
Anyway, I was driving this car round a roundabout quite fast, when I flipped it. I had that out of body experience in a dream where you're sort of in it, but also above it, so I saw the car do a full flip and land on its wheels again. The car was knackered, the suspension crushed etc. and I started looking at the tires saying "Oh they were the problem..." and then the dream sort of faded. However, when I woke up, I had an ache in my legs and a stiff neck, as though I had experienced whiplash!! Now did I get this pain because of the way I slept, and so my brain painted a scenario in my dream to give a reason for it... or is it the more spooky reason that I had the dream and got hurt in it! (wwwoooOOOoooo).
Or is it just the boring reason of coincidence...? Comments to the usual address...

Monday, 3 March 2008

Retail therapy

In a bit of a psychological funk today, so had some retail therapy. I bought three new albums:

"Warpaint" by Black Crows (their new one, I think)
"In The Future" by Black Mountain
"Vampire Weekend" by Vampire Weekend

I'll let you all know what they're like... (if you care!)

Whats happened since my last post

Got my first hole in one while playing golf. (woo-hoo!)

Drank too much wine

Got a little older

Got a new cell phone handset (mine broke)

Wished my wife, my mum, and HER mum a Happy Mothers day. (On Sunday we were at my parents for dinner, and there were four generations round the dinner table... my son, me, my mother and her mother.)

Decided (as a family) that Jake won't be playing for his Sunday football side anymore. (This deserves an explanation...
Basically we were all three of us sick of the fact the Jake didn't get enough time on the pitch, or enough encouragement from his manager. I am not one of those parents who thinks his son has a God given right to play more than any other child, but when my son isn't treated equally compared to others in his side, that I DO take exception to. It has made me sad, because Jake does like playing football, and to take him away from it hurts, but he understands why, and he was part of the decision making process. There are only four games left this season, so he won't be missing out much, and next year maybe we'll try a different team. I just couldn't stand by and let this go on anymore. This could have turned into a rant and I could be really angry and pissed off, but Im trying to be the bigger man. I wish his team all the best for the rest of the season, I really do. But my son comes first in my world.)

I will try and keep more up to date this week... have a nice Monday.