Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Back to work

So Im back, and I had a really good two days away thanks for asking. Arrived at the hotel on Sunday at about 09.30, (about an hour and a half before the first tee time) so had time for a cup of tea, a bacon sandwich, a good stretch and some time on the putting green. More or less straight away everyone was having a good laugh, and a lot of the guys from last year remembered me and they again made me feel really welcome. I didnt play too well on that first day - ended up with 23 points and came about 5th / 6th so not too good. My shot of the day was my tee shot on the first tee... we were the first group out and so there were 11 blokes watching me tee off! Luckily I hit it long and straight so with the comments of "Good shot!" and "Oh, nice one Si" ringing in my ears I wandered up the first fairway. Dinner that evening was four courses (all part of the price) and very nice, and after a couple of 'refreshments' in the bar, we hit the rooms for a good nights sleep for Monday.
After all the bad weather reports about gales etc. we woke up Monday fearing the worst. We looked out the window of the room and saw... clear-ish skies, no rain, little wind.. it looked idyllic.
We had breakfast and got ready to go out and for the rest of the round we must have been in the 'eye of the storm' (as one bloke put it) because despite the prophecies of doom and gloom we had more or less the same weather as the day before, just a bit windier and wetter. We were unbelievably lucky. My better half said (when I phoned her) that they had been soaked all day...
Anyway, played a lot better on the Monday, and ended up winning the second day with 36 points
AND getting a nearest the pin. So a good day. The journey home was alright and before I knew it I was back home with the family. So a good weekend all round. So what have I missed here??

Rest of the week: Tomorrow and Thursday up in Birmingham and then back in the office Friday. I'll be 'broadcasting' at some point this afternoon... for those who haven't seen yet, its not all that interesting, so dont get too excited about it! Peace.

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greeny said...

Yay! What a perfect little summary of your weekend. It was so good I was there when you teed off and the nice weather and all. Good to know you kicked butt on Monday! Now don't you feel better? Refreshed? Hope so.