Friday, 14 March 2008

In the world of me

Not much has been going on really.... got back in a reasonable amount of time from Birmingham yesterday. Found out that the garage door (the one I drive in and out of) got damaged during the last storm so I had to work from home today so I could fix it. Cue hammers, scafolding poles and bricks but ta-da! Done.

Tomorrow Im gonna be going to the local music shop and finding out about recording equipment and in the afternoon not doing much. Sunday down the driving range with number one son, and then City are on the TV in the afternoon. Then, befoe we know it, its Monday again... zzzzzzz

And referencing my earlier post, I actually DID write a song on the way home from Birmingham... if I can get it recorded to a good standard, then maybe I'll post it up for your delectation (is that the word??)



greeny said...

de·lec·ta·tion (dlk-tshn)
1. Delight.
2. Enjoyment; pleasure.

Looks to be so....

Mom said...

I look forward to the music.