Friday, 7 March 2008

Wired Magazine

Its been a while since I had a proper rant, so here we go. Wired Magazine.
I love this magazine. I love reading it. Its full of stuff I'm interested in, and it's different each month. So, I thought, I'll subscribe. Its actually hard to get hold of in the UK, so what better way than to get it sent straight to my door. So I sent off my subscription request in June 2007. Since then, I have had 1 (yes, one) edition successfully delivered to my door. Every time I have emailed the customer services dept. I first of all receive an automated confirmation email ("We have received your communication and someone will deal with your issue") which I hate because it gives the impression they are ultra-responsive to your requests when in fact they aren't. I then receive an email anywhere between two and four days later saying "According to our records we're sending the magazine to [My Address] - please confirm this is correct" etc. My address on their records IS correct, and I keep telling them this. The nothing happens. I wait in vain for the next month, and still no magazine. So I've had enough. I've cancelled my subscription (which my better half has kept telling me to do for ages) and I will try and source the magazine by other means. To Wired magazine, their customer services dept. and the people who 'responded' (ha!) to my requests with a complete lack of care or empathy - YOU SUCK.

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