Monday, 17 March 2008


Good morning all. I went to find out about a home recording setup - but Im waiting on a call back from the shop's owner, who can tell me what they can order in. I think I'll be getting a four-track unit that plugs into my laptop at home, plus a microphone, and... well, that'll be it, I'll have to start churning out tracks. I've got an idea of doing some covers that I can play well, plus whatever new material I can write. And yes, I'll be posting them up here so I can be criticised by an international audience!
As for the weekend... City won (woohoo!) Jake and I got a bit cold and wet at the driving range on Sunday, (he's getting better each time we go, its good to see) and that was about it... dullsville I know, but I like relaxing at weekends (especially when the weather is foul) so I did a lot of reading which I enjoy (as you all know).
This week, I are mostly be doing.... nuffin. Football tonight (probably), nowt Tuesday and Wednesday and then maybe football Thursday. This weekend is Easter weekend, and so on Good Friday we'll be driving up to stay with my inlaws for the weekend, and as a treat I've been given permission by the current Mrs. Molloy to play golf on Saturday with the guy who organised my Shropshire trip.
So have a good Monday, and keep an eye on the 'broadcast' - I might put the camera on later.
Update: I splurged again at lunchtime, bought three new CD's

"Searching For The Hows And Whys" by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (Their new album...)
"Monster" by R.E.M (Yes I know its an old one, but I've never owned it on CD and Im right into R.E.M at the moment...)
"What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye (Another classic...)


greeny said...

In honor of your impending equipment purchase, I went back to relisten to your songs you posted a while back.
You rascal! You are great! on guitar and I like the lyrics, especially to "She's Gone". I actually had a download prob with "The Struggle" and ran out of time so will go back for that one.
Hey, have you ever checked out Dant's blog (Anne's hubby) who posts a song a day. I find it pretty interesting musically.

Yay! for spreading your love of golf to your son. A good way to spend time together plus you all are a football duo to boot. Good Daddy!
And more golf to look forward to -another YaY! Plus chocolate in your Easter basket if you're a good boy...

Mom said...

Looking forward to the music.
I too like lazy weekends.