Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Didn't he do well?

Jake tried out for a new football team last night, and given the facts that a) he hasn't played for about 5 weeks, b) he is still getting over the stomach bug he had and c) he was the new boy and full of nerves, he did quite well. He worked hard, had a good attitude, and didn't look out of place at all. The only thing that was not 'Jake' was that during the match they had at the end he was very quiet, didn't get involved much, and missed three absolute sitters! Normally he's a goal machine in front of goal, but he wasn't sharp yesterday because of the above reasons. It was good to see him out there again though (cue full on fatherhood pride mode). The downside was it absolutely pi$$ed down for the whole session, so we both got soaked.. :-(

Today... no plans apart from organising my workload! I've suddenly got a lot of bits to do, so I need to sort out priorities etc.

I also need to get out and buy an anniversary card, as its my parents wedding anniversary tomorrow (don't ask me what year, I can't remember, I think its about 37 or 38 years).
Geez... 37/38 years together... and I tell you, (coz I was there), we went through some pretty tough times money wise, and they stayed together through all of it, when I know a lot of couples would have split up.
Its also thanks to them I've turned out the way I am - I know Im not perfect, but Im not a drunk, or a drug addict, or a criminal, and I like to think Im a fairly nice bloke. I was instilled with a good sense of right and wrong, good manners, and a good head on my shoulders thanks to them both. I don't tell them nearly enough that I love them both dearly, and that Im a very lucky man to have been brought up the way I was.

So there's a little bit of sloppy sentiment for you. Have a great day listeners.

Soundtrack of the day: "Accelerate" by R.E.M (again) I know, I know, I've said that before, but it's a great album.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Bloodsucking Fiends

The title of the next book I'm gonna read...

So its confirmed, I will be out in rural Illinois (well, a suburb called Glenview) from May 17th to May 23rd. Looking forward to it. The journey is a bitch, but I've already decided I'm gonna treat myself to a first class upgrade there and back... I know, I know, expense, but there has been a breakthrough in the bank charges case (read more here) so I think I can swallow the hit for now.

The wife caught what Jake had over the weekend, so she was not well yesterday, but so far I've avoided it, so hopefully the bug will be gone from the house today and I'll be OK.

I was just looking through my work inbox and I realised I've got quite a bit of work on for a change... so it looks like I won't be sitting here twiddling my thumbs for the rest of the week, which is nice. Oh, and Jake is going to be trying out for a new football side tonight - he's looking forward to it, but is nervous... so am I! I'll post later / tomorrow how he does.

Have a good Tuesday people.

Forgot to say: Soundtrack of the day - "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!" new album by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds...

Had to post this link - check out these pics here

Monday, 28 April 2008

The Island Of The Sequined Love Nun

It's the title of the book I'm reading at the moment.

A nice day yesterday, I had my parents over for dinner and we had roast lamb. Very nice.

Jake was ill most of the weekend - he was off school on Friday (well, got sent home first thing after throwing up all over the stairs up to his class room... poor lad) but by yesterday afternoon he was back to his normal exuberant self.

This week, I want to play golf, but the weather looks bobbins so I don't know if I'm gonna be getting out or not. Apart from that I don't really have many plans.

Oh, there's a chance (I'm going to be finding out more today) that I could be going out to the U.S again around the middle / end of May. Short notice trip I know, but could be good. More details as I get them.

BORING post, I know, but blame it on my lack of motivation this morning.

Update: The wife now has what Jake had over the weekend... so Im gonna be trying my best to steer clear! Also, its been confirmed, I'll be going out to the U.S in May...

Saturday, 26 April 2008


You're all rubbish, I've only had one suggestion for a new blog title, and its from Charlie. And his suggestion is a basically a copy of his!

So... I've had a think, and the new title is...


The reasoning:

It follows the naming convetion of one of the 21st centuries greatest inventions - the iPod.
It says its about me (I, Simon... get it?)
Its short and sweet (like me.... no, not like me really, but its short)

So, you'll notice the title has now changed, but the URL (address) is the same, so your book marks (if you've book marked me) don't need to be updated.

Friday, 25 April 2008


Just a quick post today... #1 son has been off school all day with a stomach bug - coming out both ends, poor soldier. He's just been put to bed looking very pale and weak. Im sure he'll be fine tomorrow, but he was going to try out for a new football team tomorrow, and because he won't be able to he's quite disappointed.

Because he's ill, tomorrow morning will be a very quiet one, see how he is etc. In the afternoon City play Fulham, so I'll be in front of the TV watching the Sport Centre results service (NFL in the U.S has a similar program for our American cousins).

Sunday, if Jake is well, we will go to the driving range (I've bought him some new golf shoes... very very nice, I'll post a pic of them later).

Posts I'll try and create this weekend:
Where are all my suggestions for the title of this blog??
Bank charges - court case verdict!!
My new golf gear (zzzzzz.... stop it)

Have a nice weekend everyone, peace.

Thursday, 24 April 2008


I'm in one of those 'annoyed' moods today... you know when every little thing just gets on your nerves? The best way to describe it would be "f*cked off"... (apologies for the language).

I'm gonna go buy myself a new book today, as I've nearly finished my current one, so hopefully THAT will improve my mood somewhat, and I'm playing football tonight with my friend and his work mates (I've played with them before) so that will hopefully give me an endorphin kick and make me feel better. Until then I'm just gonna be sat here at my desk glowering at the screen pretending to work (as I have no work to do again today).

On another note, I've been thinking of changing the title of this blog, as the 'annoyances' bit has died down really. So, it's your chance to contribute with more than just comments. Send in your suggestions for a new title of this blog. (Don't worry, the URL will stay the same, so you won't have to update your bookmarks, it'll just be the title at the top of the window and on the front page). I will pick the best one and rename it to that. I will pick the winner on Monday.


Wednesday, 23 April 2008


What a good afternoon - I managed to get out after work and play golf, and it was a glorious day yesterday. Warm, (but not too hot) no wind (the odd breeze) and an empty golf course. Bliss. I played quite well, shot 16 over par (which is two below my handicap) so was very pleased.

I was a little indulgent last night, and opened the bottle of Cava I won at the golf day up in Shropshire in April. Very nice it was too. Apart from that, watched the football, read for a while, basically relaxed.

Today, out for lunch with my ex-boss who's over from Belgium, and tonight babysitting as the other half is going out for dinner with a friend of hers. I'm trying to write another song, so when #1 son goes to bed, I can maybe work on that.

A small post this morning, I might post more later as I know I'm gonna be quiet today. Have a nice Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Bonjour children, ca va?

Up late last night listening to my mate on Radio Wey again (hospital radio). It was a good show, although yet again he had none of my requests, so Im gonna send him a CD with a load of tracks on that will update the music selection a little!

Today, my ex-boss is over from Belgium today and tomorrow, which is nice as I haven't seen him in a while, even though we talk a lot on the phone as I do quite a lot of work for him still. We will probably go to lunch tomorrow.

Im waiting to see if Im gonna be playing golf after work today - the guy I normally play with might be getting a ticket to the Chelsea Liverpool Champions League semi final tonight, so if he gets that he wont be playing golf. If he doesn't, he will. However, I might play on my own anyway... its supposed to be a nice day today so it might be too nice to resist going out.

Soundtrack of the day: "Accelerate" by R.E.M - Really into it at the moment...

Have a good day and play nice listeners...

Monday, 21 April 2008


Yes that was French for Monday. Good morning children.
A quiet weekend has passed, took Jake to get his hair cut on Saturday morning, and chilled in the afternoon. Sunday morning Jake and I went to the golf range (he's slowly getting better... its good to see) and then watched THE MIGHTY CITY win 3 - 1 at home to Portsmouth. Its a good feeling when you watch your team win, isn't it? I had a couple of beers during the match and was buzzing for the rest of the evening.
This week... maybe playing football tonight (I haven't decided yet whether or not to risk my ankle) playing golf tomorrow after work, Wednesday no plans really.. (I think I have to babysit, think the other half is going out) Thursday, possibly football but again I haven't decided about my ankle (I'm even considering retiring to save any further golf-threatening injuries). Then its Friday and payday and the weekend...

As for the recording stuff - my fingers are healed now, so I can play some more, but its getting the opportunity now that the house isn't empty. I might be going round one of my mates houses to record him some time soon, so I could do some stuff then.

Have a good Mond... Lundi all... over 'n' out.

Update: Soundtrack of the day: "The Age Of The Understatement" by The Last Of The Shadow Puppets (The side project of Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner).

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Not much... report today. No recording last night, I had a break to give my fingers time to recover. I have one more night tonight of isolation so I will try and make the most of it.

Soundtrack Of The Day: "Consolers Of The Lonely" by The Raconteurs

This weekend, I have no plans as yet. Sunday I think Jake will want to go to the driving range with his new clubs, but thats about all I've got lined up.

Oh, I think Im gonna work from home tomorrow... I need to have a general tidy up and clean up before everyone arrives home. Don't get me wrong, I'm not living in squalor but its nicer to come home to a clean house, isn't it?

Anyway, small post today. Have a nice weekend if I dont get to post tomorrow...

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

So far so... average?

OK, so five songs recorded so far on my new setup at home. And I suppose I'm reasonably content with the results. I know I can play better, and my voice needs a lot of work, but for the first five goes I suppose they're OK. Thank you all for those of you that have commented positively on them. I know I always argue and disagree with what you say, but deep down it is nice to hear. :-)

Anyway... maybe one or two more tonight, if my fingers can stand it! I haven't played this much in a while, so the tips of my fingers are quite sore. But we must suffer for our art, must we not?

I might try the Radiohead songs I've been playing recently... they're hard to sing well, but its worth a go I suppose. I want to make the most of the peace at home, as soon as the family come home its gonna be hard to record anything... we'll have to see what happens.

Have a good Wednesday people.

Monday, 14 April 2008

So lets give it a go

OK, Here's some more tracks I recorded tonight...

Spaceman by Oasis

Talk Tonight by Oasis

Anyway by... well, me.

So... there you go. Be kind. I apologise for the voice, but each time I record something I get better at it (I think...)

if my fingers aren't too sore, (guitar strings) I might try some more tomorrow night. Peace.

By the way, the lyrics in Spaceman are WRONG! Sorry. Oasis fans will know.
Also, these are listed in the order I recorded them...

No Title

Because I couldn't think of one.
Not much going on really... no motivation, or spark, or energy... just feeling very flat.

I'm on my own now until Friday after work, and I have no plans. Tonight - nada (I would normally play football but my ankle isn't strong enough yet) tomorrow night - zip, Wednesday night - zilch. I might play football Thursday night, but it depends how strong my ankle feels. Its gonna be a loooong week.

I looked at the recording stuff I have bought yesterday, and thought "what a waste of money". I just can't get any inspiration to do something with it.

I think I should post a warning on my blog - keep away, bad mood alert. I need something to give me a kick up the @rse, to put some life back into me.

Not too sure when I will be posting again next... doesn't seem much point if all I'm doing it bitching and moaning. Take care listeners.

09:35 - Update: I knew I could rely on it. I've been listening to some good music, and its been slowly raising my mood...a list of CD's this morning so far:

"Accelerate" by R.E.M
"Vampire Weekend" by Vampire Weekend
"Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager" by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

I'll see how the rest of the day goes...

12:28 - Update: Feeling better. More good music has helped.
"In The Future" by Black Mountain
"You Don't Know What You're Getting Yourself Into" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?

I think I might be going for a sneaky 9 or 18 holes of golf after work - it gets dark late enough to get round after work now. We'll see...

Friday, 11 April 2008

Isn't it strange...

...that on most of my posts I don't get any comments, but on my last post, which really was NO post, I got three comments?? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate each and every comment I get, and I thank you all for taking the time to do it, but I have posted far more interesting things and received no comments at all.

Anyway... I have been, and am still, in a weird mood. Sort of melancholy, sad, annoyed, angry, frustrated... its hard to describe but I'm not my usual sunshine & lollipops disposition (ha!).

Tried some MORE retail therapy yesterday... bought myself three CDs:

"Hey Ma" by James (their new one)
"Blue" by Joni Mitchell
and "Attack & Release" by The Black Keys

Today I'm listening to the James one, and its good.

This weekend the family go away again on Sunday until Friday, so I'm alone again. I don't know what trouble I will get into. Have a good weekend listeners, I may post more at the weekend.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

No post today

Well, apart from this, to say there is no post today.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Done it again

Left ankle this time. I'm getting a little tired of this. I know people who think they are funny will say things like "its your age" and "take the hint, its time to stop playing" but thats nothing to do with it. I was just unlucky. I think it should be OK by the weekend, but I'm not certain, so we'll have to wait and see. A lot of pain last night though. Also, I had a massive attack of cramp (charley horse for our American cousins) at about 1.00 this morning on my right hamstring. And every time I moved in my sleep I woke up because of my ankle. So I'm not really 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' this morning... not in the best of moods at all. I better not have to deal with any idiots today, they will be getting short shrift from me.

Thats about all there is to report. More maybe tomorrow.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Just remembered something that put a smile on my face

New R.E.M album out today! "Accelerate".
Went out, bought it, listening to it now... is it good? Hell yeah.

(Also bought "St. Jude" by The Courteeners - will let you know about that later).

Forgot to post what greeted me Sunday morning

Spring my arse....

Good morning

Well its not, not really, but its the standard greeting isn't it?

I'm really struggling with this recording lark... I can't get it sounding good enough for my own ears, so there is no way I'll be putting it out there in the public domain. I think it might be a case of over-estimating my own ability. I've got tonight with an empty house so I'll try again but so far NOT so good.

A very, very quiet weekend. As I was alone, I ended up speaking to precisely no one. I didn't have one single conversation. I know, it sounds sad doesn't it, but actually, it was quite restful. I watched a load of stuff I had Sky +'d and did things like caught up on the ironing etc. I also cooked whatever I wanted for dinner (another teriyaki marinated steak last night - a beef rib-eye this time) and just generally bummed around.

Football tonight, and then at some point tomorrow the family are back. Then next week they're away again, leaving me on my own for longer this time. *sigh*

I know, I'm sounding very melancholy today... sorry. I'll try and 'perk up' later... oh, I'll be listening to that radio broadcast from last week again tonight... so I've gotta think of a good request or two to send in. Have a good Monday children.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Recording update

OK, so thanks to one of my work colleges I have a recording setup at home that now works. There is one MAJOR problem though. My talent (or lack of).
When I play a song and sing along to it, I think I sound OK... I mean, good enough for me, anyway... but when I tried recording it last night (I tried the first verse and chorus of "High And Dry" by Radiohead) it sounded awful. The thing is, the microphone picks up all the little missed notes and strumming, and my voice... good God. Now to be fair, I didnt really have too much time, so the setup wasn't brilliant, but if this is how its gonna sound all the time, I doubt if any of the recordings will see the light of day.

Anyway - this weekend. I found out that the wife is going away until Tuesday now, and taking Jake and the dog with her. So I'll be on my own for a few days. Yes, I know, some of you are thinking "ah, peace and quiet" but to be honest Im annoyed that they're all going away without me this weekend, seeing as next week they are gonna be away as well. But Im not going there, thats a whole other can of worms I can't be arsed to get into. So, as it happens, I will have an empty house, so can rig a better recording setup and see how that sounds.

Have a good weekend all, maybe more posts over the weekend if I get bored enough.

Another useless study

This study here says that a persons perception of intelligence is affected by someones accent.
The thing is, it says its a new study, like this is some mind blowing 'eureka' moment... I have news for you boys, this has been known about for ages.
I know most of us like to think we're well-rounded, modern individuals with no race, creed or colour (or color for those American among you) prejudices (except for xxxxxxxxxxx... yes you know who you are, you nasty person) but I bet anything you like you have ALL, at some point in your lives heard someone talk with a certain accent and instantly formed an opinion on that person. For us in the UK, that accent was probably brummie, or yorkshire, or west country, for those in the U.S someone from Alabama or New Orleans, or New York. If you dont know the person, and they are not saying something super-thick ("You want fries with that?" "But why can't I smoke while I fill up with petrol?" "I've just dented my combine harvester") then their accent WILL form an impression, however wrong, in your mind about that person. This is NOT news, its been going on for years. Scientists? ScienTITS more like...

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Another gap between postings

Sorry about that.

Tuesday I had to work from home for one reason and another. Yesterday I had the day off and went to play golf with a couple of friends in Gloucester. It was a good day, a nice day weather wise, and although I came last out of three (gggrrrrr) I still shot a score I was happy with, and I know the shots that cost me, so I can work on and improve on them so I know I can do better.

Tonight Im playing football, and then tomorrow night Im round my mate's house for another night of beer, video games and take out food.

This weekend, no plans really, except the better half is going up to Manchester for the day on Saturday, so its either gonna be just me and the dog, or Jake might be staying with me so it'll be the three of us for the day.

Sunday no plans... I dont think Im gonna go down the driving range, I could do with a break I think. We'll see....

I have a piece of work to do today and tomorrow, which is good because it means the day should go quite quickly. Oh, and I badly need a shave.

Have a good day listeners, and if I can think of anything interesting to post later, I will. Ciao ciao.