Friday, 4 April 2008

Another useless study

This study here says that a persons perception of intelligence is affected by someones accent.
The thing is, it says its a new study, like this is some mind blowing 'eureka' moment... I have news for you boys, this has been known about for ages.
I know most of us like to think we're well-rounded, modern individuals with no race, creed or colour (or color for those American among you) prejudices (except for xxxxxxxxxxx... yes you know who you are, you nasty person) but I bet anything you like you have ALL, at some point in your lives heard someone talk with a certain accent and instantly formed an opinion on that person. For us in the UK, that accent was probably brummie, or yorkshire, or west country, for those in the U.S someone from Alabama or New Orleans, or New York. If you dont know the person, and they are not saying something super-thick ("You want fries with that?" "But why can't I smoke while I fill up with petrol?" "I've just dented my combine harvester") then their accent WILL form an impression, however wrong, in your mind about that person. This is NOT news, its been going on for years. Scientists? ScienTITS more like...


greeny said...

No telling what that study cost the taxpayers of that country (yours?).
I never told you but I talk a lot like Cletus, the Slack-jawwed Yokel..

Jet Pass said...

I've been told I have an California accent, whatever the hell that supposed to mean.