Wednesday, 23 April 2008


What a good afternoon - I managed to get out after work and play golf, and it was a glorious day yesterday. Warm, (but not too hot) no wind (the odd breeze) and an empty golf course. Bliss. I played quite well, shot 16 over par (which is two below my handicap) so was very pleased.

I was a little indulgent last night, and opened the bottle of Cava I won at the golf day up in Shropshire in April. Very nice it was too. Apart from that, watched the football, read for a while, basically relaxed.

Today, out for lunch with my ex-boss who's over from Belgium, and tonight babysitting as the other half is going out for dinner with a friend of hers. I'm trying to write another song, so when #1 son goes to bed, I can maybe work on that.

A small post this morning, I might post more later as I know I'm gonna be quiet today. Have a nice Wednesday everyone.

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