Monday, 28 April 2008

The Island Of The Sequined Love Nun

It's the title of the book I'm reading at the moment.

A nice day yesterday, I had my parents over for dinner and we had roast lamb. Very nice.

Jake was ill most of the weekend - he was off school on Friday (well, got sent home first thing after throwing up all over the stairs up to his class room... poor lad) but by yesterday afternoon he was back to his normal exuberant self.

This week, I want to play golf, but the weather looks bobbins so I don't know if I'm gonna be getting out or not. Apart from that I don't really have many plans.

Oh, there's a chance (I'm going to be finding out more today) that I could be going out to the U.S again around the middle / end of May. Short notice trip I know, but could be good. More details as I get them.

BORING post, I know, but blame it on my lack of motivation this morning.

Update: The wife now has what Jake had over the weekend... so Im gonna be trying my best to steer clear! Also, its been confirmed, I'll be going out to the U.S in May...

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Mom said...

I think I need to read that book when you're done.
Where in the U.S. will you be?
My computer never would let me hear your recordings. I was sad. It sounds like they must have sounded good.