Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I'm still around...

Just a quick post to say Im still alive. The wedding in Armagh was very nice, the ceremony was grand and austere, the bride looked lovely and the groom looked a little green.

I'm currently writing from North Wales, where I'm staying with my in-laws (they have broad band at last - yay!).

I'm not too sure how much posting I will get done this week, but I just wanted to let my faithful listeners know (all two of them) that I'm still online.

I'm spending this week doing the grand total of not much - in fact before this post I had just woken up from a little afternoon nap! (Sleeping during the day? How old am I? 80? Still it's what holidays are for...)

Anyhow - have a nice week, and I'll post when I can. Don't forget, I'm still accepting posts from my readers to be put up on their behalf - certain people who read this I know will have something to say, so come on, don't be shy...


Friday, 22 August 2008

Off to Belfast today

Away for my friend Colin's wedding to Shauna, taking place in Armagh.

I'll post about it when I get back. Have a nice weekend all.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Monday, 18 August 2008

That was a really miserable post, wasn't it?

But I can't help it, it's how I've been feeling lately.

What to do, what to do - do I go into the why's and wherefores? Or do I just suck it up and keep on going?

Well, those that know me know its very rare for me to spill the beans, so I guess it's another case of me dealing with it myself.

So, what else is going on? Working from home tomorrow... then on Thursday night, there is a 'jam night' at a pub near here where local musicians go along and... well, play stuff I guess. The advertisments say "all equipment provided" and "all musicians welcome" so I think I'm going to go along and check it out. Now I'm not going to go along and play anything, but if I get a good vibe about it, and it's that sort of place... maybe I will in the future? Playing to an audience of people I don't know - can I do it?

Then, on Friday, the wife and I are off to Ireland for my friends wedding. We're flying into Belfast on Friday afternoon, the wedding is on Saturday morning, and then we're coming home Sunday. The on Monday we're off for a week to the in-laws where I plan to read, relax, and do the grand total of nothing. It's my 'summer holiday' which I have yet to have.

So that's where I am so far. More later in the week hopefully. Peace.

No post today

Fed up so can't be bothered.

Friday, 15 August 2008

The poor dog

I would like all the men who read this to bow their heads and take a moment to sympathise with our dog - he's having his knackers lop'd off today.

Yes, poor Shadow is being neutered. There's nothing wrong with him, or his cojones, but to help him be a calmer dog, and to avoid any future problems with prostrate or testicular cancer, we've decided to get it done... (well, I say we but of course as a man I would never choose to do this. The wife has chosen, as it's her dog really, but I'm supporting her and her decision).

He goes to the vet's this morning, and we will pick him up later this afternoon. I can't lie, I'm worried and a little upset that he's going to go through it. I can't help picturing him afterwards with a look in his eye that says "what the FUCK just happened?! I trusted you!" But in a few days (or a couple of weeks) he won't remember and he'll be a lot happier and healthier in the long run. *sniff*

Not much else going on apart from that... playing golf after work, (yes, I know, so I won't see Shadow until later), no plans tomorrow apart from some gardening (I need to cut back a load of vines that have grown up round my back gate) and then on Sunday the mighty City get their premier league campaign started with an away game to Aston Villa. (They played last night actually, and lost 1 - 0... oh that familiar sinking feeling...mighty my arse...).

Have a great Friday all.

Soundtrack of the day: R A N D O M B U T T O N on MP3 player...

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Soundtrack of the day

"I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I don't like this word...

Where the f*ck has the word "moob" come from? For those not in the know, it's short for "man boob" or "man yam" or those excess bits of flesh sitting on the front of my chest (those men, or boys, reading this that are still in their 20's, they'll get you too). They are degrading enough as it is, but the word "moob" for some reason really ranckles. My better half commented on my sweater puppies the other day and called them moobs, and I thought "what the f*ck?" Yes, I've put on weight, yes, I no longer have a six pack and a chest you could pound meat on, but please, there is no need to make me feel any worse. I am now more or less middle aged, (or approaching it) and so my body has started to feel a little bit like butter left in the sun (warm, sagging, and slightly greasy). But I like to think I have other qualities, like a well developed sense of cynicism and the ability to ignore even the most insistent of people when I don't want to talk to them.

Anyway - not much going on today apart from working through more code. Head phones will be going on in about 10 minutes and the rest of the world will be shut out for a few hours.


Tuesday, 12 August 2008


OK, so no post yesterday, but then there wasn't much going on.
And, funnily enough, the same applies today. I'm sat at work, working through Java code, listening to music. (Currently - "Damaged" by Lampchop).
This is like my default state at work - headphones in, code on the screen, not talking to anyone all day. Its bliss. I get left alone, the day goes quickly as I'm busy, and I'm turning out good code.
This week - I have a friend coming round tomorrow night, City are playing on Thursday night, and then this weekend the new Premiership season kicks off. So, back the routine of Saturday afternoons in front of the TV watching Sports Centre... *contented sigh...*

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't receive more posts from 'guests' - those that did so, thank you, those that didn't - whats wrong with you all? I know some of the people who read this blog WILL have stuff to say, so come on, get it organised!

Have a good Tuesday people.

Update: You know, sometimes, when life is getting crappier and crappier, and everything seems to be turning to shit, you just have to think "fuck it" and do something that flies in the face of all that is sensible and right and advisable.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

The long slog to bed

So I'm home safe (thanks for all your messages of good wishes... NOT!)
and at time of writing I've been awake for 32 hours.... not too bad. Things feel a little hazy, bit light headed etc. but I'm doing ok.

Flight home was good, business class makes all the difference!

No plans for the rest of the weekend apart from washing clothes and sorting out stuff ready for work on Monday.

More updates soon.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Home coming

Yes, coming back to the U.K today. The flight leaves Chicago at 16.00 local time, and I touch down hopefully around 06.00 on Saturday morning U.K time.

It's been a good week, but a long one. I'm looking forward to my home, my bed, my family.

Last nights game was pretty superb... the result went against the Bears (24 - 20) but we saw two Bears touchdowns, got a good feel for how an NFL season game might feel, had some beer, a hot dog - it was a good night.

I've taken a load of pictures, so hopefully I will get to upload some of them so you can get a feel of what it was like... I also took some of the Chicago skyline.

Anyway - I have about 3 hours work to do, then I'll be on my way to the airport. Have a nice day listeners, and my next post will be from the proper side of the pond!


Update: I've uploaded some photos to my Dashwire site.... enjoy

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Two days left


A more sensible dinner last night - just a pizza from a place called California Pizza Kitchen. It was only a small one, and with no desert, I went back to the hotel NOT feeling like Mr. Creosote from the Monty Python film "Meaning Of Life".

Some exciting news yesterday afternoon - the three of us U.K guys and our 'host' have been given free tickets to.... a Chicago Bears NFL game! It's their first pre-season game against the Kansas City Chiefs, playing at Soldier Field in Chicago. So, we leave work at around 17.00 today, get the train downtown to Chicago, and then go see the might Bears play. Should be good. I used to follow NFL a lot when it used to be shown on channel four years ago, so I know the rules, the tactics etc. but I've never been to a live game, and though it's 'just' a pre-season game it still should be a good evening out.

I'll try and take some pics of the game while Im there for posting later.


Wednesday, 6 August 2008

No... more... food....

Hello campers.

very very hot here in Illinois yesterday. We played golf, but I think it's the hottest weather I've ever played in. Luckily it was only 9 holes. The plunge into the pool afterwards was just what the doctor ordered.

We then went out again for dinner, although we couldn't decide where to go... we eventually ended up back at the Cheesecake factory. Yes, boring I know, but the food is good and the prices reasonable. I had;
Grilled skirt steak with mash potatoes and a mushroom sauce.
And for desert, we each had a slice of their 30th anniversary cheesecake.... As nice as it was, it was very heavy, thick, and sweet. We all of us waddled out for a beer afterwards and then waddled home. I know I have put on a little weight, but I don't know how much because I'm scared to look at the scales.
Anyway - I think there's some shopping planned for this evening, and something small(!) for dinner. Have a nice day y'all...

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Not a bad day

What with one thing and another, I didn't really get much productive work done as my laptop wasn't behaving. This has now been sorted so I can push on with some code today.

Last night was... interesting. There were some really bad thunderstorms over us last night, and although it was hammering down a lot of the time with really impressive lightning shows, it was so warm it was like being in a warm shower.

Didn't do much after work - went back to the hotel, had a swim, then went to dinner.

Last nights meal:

Half a dozen fresh oysters to start (from different waterways around the area)
Shrimp, Scallop and Blue Crab in a Lobster and Sherry sauce, with rice and fresh vegetables
White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.

Num num num.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Just a quick one

Arrived safe in the land of the free and home of the brave.
Flight was good (business class rocks) and the weekend's worth of golf was... well, the weather was nice, but a little hot, the company was excellent, but my golfing ability sucked.
First day in the office today, and we have a lot of work to get through this week.
I will try and post a more detailed post, and maybe get some pics up onto Dashwire, as soon as

Last nights dinner: Hibachi Steak, french fries and sauted mushrooms, followed by white chocolate and raspberry swirl cheesecake from the famous Cheesecake Factory.

Have a good Monday / Tuesday (time difference).

Friday, 1 August 2008

Last post from the UK for a week

Flying to the U.S tomorrow morning (business class... hem hem) so if I manage to post it'll be from Stateside.

And I had such a lovely journey this morning into work (that was a VERY sarcastic sentence because...) I think I got speed trapped.
(You can now imagine me swearing my little boobs off... I won't type in all the colourful language that is going through my head right now)

Basically I was driving down a duel carriageway, not going overly fast, but over the speed limit (maybe by about 15 mph) and I saw a florescent jacketed man standing in the central reservation... of course, by the time I'd got close enough to realise what he was doing (pointing some sort of 'device' at me) it was too late. As I went past he was checking the readout. Now, he wasn't wearing a policeman's cap (as the traffic cops normally do) and the van he was using didn't look like the normal police transit thing... so maybe, just maybe, it wasn't the rozzers, but just some council bloke??? I'm hoping against hope aren't I? I'm screwed aren't I?


Anyway - have a nice weekend listeners... and to my American congregation - I'm coming... mwahahahaha... (evil laugh).