Monday, 18 August 2008

That was a really miserable post, wasn't it?

But I can't help it, it's how I've been feeling lately.

What to do, what to do - do I go into the why's and wherefores? Or do I just suck it up and keep on going?

Well, those that know me know its very rare for me to spill the beans, so I guess it's another case of me dealing with it myself.

So, what else is going on? Working from home tomorrow... then on Thursday night, there is a 'jam night' at a pub near here where local musicians go along and... well, play stuff I guess. The advertisments say "all equipment provided" and "all musicians welcome" so I think I'm going to go along and check it out. Now I'm not going to go along and play anything, but if I get a good vibe about it, and it's that sort of place... maybe I will in the future? Playing to an audience of people I don't know - can I do it?

Then, on Friday, the wife and I are off to Ireland for my friends wedding. We're flying into Belfast on Friday afternoon, the wedding is on Saturday morning, and then we're coming home Sunday. The on Monday we're off for a week to the in-laws where I plan to read, relax, and do the grand total of nothing. It's my 'summer holiday' which I have yet to have.

So that's where I am so far. More later in the week hopefully. Peace.


Mom said...

You can tell us what is going on. The world wide web is good at keeping secrets.
Have a lovely and restful holiday.

greeny said...

More travel- at least it's with the family and there will be relaxation.