Friday, 1 August 2008

Last post from the UK for a week

Flying to the U.S tomorrow morning (business class... hem hem) so if I manage to post it'll be from Stateside.

And I had such a lovely journey this morning into work (that was a VERY sarcastic sentence because...) I think I got speed trapped.
(You can now imagine me swearing my little boobs off... I won't type in all the colourful language that is going through my head right now)

Basically I was driving down a duel carriageway, not going overly fast, but over the speed limit (maybe by about 15 mph) and I saw a florescent jacketed man standing in the central reservation... of course, by the time I'd got close enough to realise what he was doing (pointing some sort of 'device' at me) it was too late. As I went past he was checking the readout. Now, he wasn't wearing a policeman's cap (as the traffic cops normally do) and the van he was using didn't look like the normal police transit thing... so maybe, just maybe, it wasn't the rozzers, but just some council bloke??? I'm hoping against hope aren't I? I'm screwed aren't I?


Anyway - have a nice weekend listeners... and to my American congregation - I'm coming... mwahahahaha... (evil laugh).


greeny said...

Speed traps stink! What a horrible feeling.
I don't know what evil you plan for us but if it's as evil as the last time you were here (golf, shopping and a strawberry Steak and Shake shake) I'm not too worried...

greeny said...

We demand photos, BTW. Dashwire us, please.