Thursday, 31 July 2008

Another guest post

This time todays author is Greeny. Enjoy!

Contemplating why, even though I am pretty active physically, certainly agile and most importantly not afraid to sweat I never was an athlete.
My father was active-strong, a hard worker, a very swift runner. My mother certainly in her youth was an ice skater, swimmer, boat rower, walking to and from her job or between friend's houses. Even in their parental capacity they were quite active physically.
My brother was one of the two top basketball players early on, a hard batter and swift in running the bases in baseball, and all around athletic. He made it seem effortless but in fact he was driven to be the best (I think I have answered my own question right here). He continues to this day to be a workhorse and powerhouse of strength in his daily job as a farmer. He is tough as shoe leather. Too bad his diet is so lousy. But we won't go into that...
My sister was predominately cerebral and continues to be. Not active physically which is not a great idea in this family. She never has liked to sweat.
Now to me. I always played outside and rode my bike, walked to friend's houses, climbed trees, helped garden (we all did), but when it came time to try out for basketball in 9th grade, I tried dribbling down the court and bounced it off my foot, stood there as it went rolling and bouncing away and thought-'SHIT' and never went back. I tried playing softball one year but instead of having a coach that worked up the lower end of the bench of players(my area) so they could support the better players when time, he let us languish there. Not having anyone to practice with, I sat the bench and played a lot of outfield and not well, I might add. I did round offs and cartwheels like nobody's business.
We had intramurals during lunch time and I excelled here. I was second in arm wrestling one year, my record for the 50 yard dash was not broken until a few years after I graduated, and I played intramural badminton and volleyball. I think we did other fun stuff like frisbee distance and accuracy throws and similar activities. Point is, I was good at a lot of things that took some athletic ability.
I remember working and working to jump on our pogo stick when I was young. Years I spent in frustration. Then about 2000, my mom and dad bought each of the grandkids a pogo stick for Christmas. We were all out in the farm shed on concrete trying them out. Low and behold- A Miracle! I kicked butt the first time I jumped! I was stupefied.
Another example- when I was in middle school, we would accompany my dad's first cousin and his family to a beautiful lake for weekends. Many, many times I tried with much tutelage I never could get up on water skis. Probably 3 years I tried. The last year we went I popped up the first pull the first trip down. That trip I also went to one ski. Then a year later I skied with the handle in my mouth- stupid I know but no dent istry was needed. Hehe! I just skied in Michigan behind my uncle's Wave runner this month in fact.
A few years back at a family reunion, we older cousins decided to play some softball. I am pretty good at catching but figured I would strike out when I batted. I stood there (again) when I hit the stupid ball in a high fly to center like I had been doing this my whole life. I did it time after time. So I had a swagger after that and my family oood and ahhhed.
I wasn't a team athlete. That is that. But I am athletic and as usual, a late bloomer in the sports that make one feel like an athlete.
It should be interesting to see what happens with my kids.

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