Wednesday, 23 July 2008

OK, this is winding me up now

I so want to start sketching / drawing (maybe even painting) but I just can't get started!
I don't know where to start, what my subject(s) should be, what media to start with (pens, pencils, chalk, charcoal...) but I know I have this urge in me to create. And yes, there is still that fear of producing something that a recovering stroke victim could better, and have me left feeling inadequate and miserable. (No sex life jokes please).
I have a few days coming up when I am alone, so hopefully, maybe, I can start something then. I also want to record a few more things AND try and finish this song I'm working on... so much to do! I could do all this anytime I want, I know, but when the house is full and there are other people to put first it's hard getting enough of my own time and space.
Jake had a good last training session last night - we now have a break from football until September, and I know he's going to be driving me up the wall in about two weeks with "When am I playing football again?" - never let it be said my son isn't a football fan!
Playing golf tomorrow after work...
Oh - there's a leaving do on Friday after work. Now normally, I don't go to these things, because I pretty much despise the people I work with (in a good way) but I am thinking of making an exception this time as the girl who's leaving has been here since I started and I've done a lot of work with her. So maybe I'll go.
Soundtrack of the day: The sound of silence given to me by my noise cancellation headphones... soothing.


Mom said...

I took some drawing classes after I retired. I remember being afraid to begin for fear of being awful. The teacher gave good advice by telling me,"Honey, it's just a piece of paper. Draw something."

Simon said...

Mom - that is good advice, but I still find it hard to get past that block of a screaming voice in my head going "IT'S GONNA BE CRAP, WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING, YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME" etc. I will honestly make a concerted effort this weekend to try and at least do something.

greeny said...

You need to off that serves no good purpose.