Friday, 11 July 2008

Stags away

Yes, today is the day I leave for my friends stag weekend down in Cornwall.
My best mate and I are working today, and then leaving after work (around 16.00 ish).
This means a lot of travelling but I think we're gonna share the driving so we should do fine.
I'm due to come back on either Sunday or Monday (probably Monday) and I expect with a sore head. It should be a good time though... some of the activities planned are;
Sea fishing
Cliff jumping
I might be taking my guitar as well.

So, should be a pretty manic weekend. I'm gonna be trying to take lots of pics, and I might post the most embarrassing ones here.

Have a nice weekend listeners.

Soundtrack of the day: Aerosmith albums...

1 comment:

greeny said...

You are just teasing us with the photo post.

Take your guitar! Sounds like a perfect opportunity to jam.

How far is Cornwall?

Don't worry about the drinking. You can handle it. After all, you aren't a frat boy.

Enjoy yourself completely!