Monday, 30 June 2008

Binge & Purge

No, not the names of two new cartoon characters.

I think I might have a binge & purge kind of personality. For example, I now own all three series of "The Mighty Boosh" on DVD, and have watched all three of them. I binged. And now, I don't wanna watch ANY comedy for a while... cue the purge.

I will read LOADS of fiction, devouring one novel after another. Binge.
Now, I can't think of any fiction that I want to read, so am reading an autobiography, which I'm not really a massive fan of. Purge.

I'm currently in a binge state with regards to my guitars. I've been learning to play the riff from "Sweet Child O' Mine" (G 'n' R) and the main refrain from "Same Old Song And Dance" by Aerosmith on my electric guitar, and practicing the songs I want to play when I take my guitar to the stag weekend next month. I know sooner or later I will get sick of it and not touch them again for ages. And there's the purge.

I find this a troubling aspect of my personality, but luckily I haven't allowed alcohol or narcotics into my life in a big way, so my binge & purge swings are not really life threatening.


I have a very strong urge to start sketching / drawing... maybe even painting. I think it's because I feel I have this artistic side to me that isn't being given an outlet (yes, the guitar, but I haven't written anything original in ages) but there is a constant lump of negativity that makes me think I would get nothing but frustration at not being able to put down on the page what I see in my minds eye. I sometimes think I should try writing some fiction, I seem to have a good way with words when I put my mind to it, but again would what I have in my head come out on the page in a way that would make me satisfied? ("If you don't try, you won't know"... yes, I know that, but still...).


A big post today. Sorry. I'm also sick of my back constantly aching, I can't lose weight, and my hair is a disaster.
Playing golf after work today at a course I've never played before, and it's a big week in the iSimon household as #1 son is going away on his first overnight school trip... self sufficient for the first time! More details later in the week.
Have a good Monday, be civil to one another.
Update: Soundtrack of the day: "Pump" by Aerosmith and "Stay Positive" by The Hold Steady

Friday, 27 June 2008

Was there every a more appropriately named employee?

Today, my teller whilst in my bank paying a bill was called Barbara Cash.

And why do the young and mentally disadvantaged insist on wearing their trousers half way down their arse? I can do that, because my trousers don't fit over my belly, but they just look like they can't dress themselves. I get the almost uncontrollable urge to walk up behind them and yank their trousers up over their chests... slobs.

A day off

I had a day off yesterday, I went up to Gloucester and played golf with a friend of mine. It was a really nice day weather-wise, although a bit windy on the course... we both played some good golf, and it ended up a draw, which was a fair result. However, from my putter being on fire on Monday, it was colder than a witches tit yesterday and I couldn't sink a thing. If I could have putted, I would have won. Still, it was nice to get away from the office and spend the day on the golf course. (Hopefully, playing again on Monday and a new course I haven't played before.)

Plans for the weekend - Saturday morning, training with Jake, Saturday afternoon Jake has a golf lesson. Sunday, no plans as yet. Oh, apart from maybe watching the Euro 2008 final, between Germany and Spain. Now at the start of the tournament, I said to my friends that I wanted Spain to win, but if I were a betting man, I would put my money on Germany... so I'm right so far on both counts, so we'll see.

Ordered some old Aerosmith stuff the other day, so that should be turning up today hopefully. (Inspiration from Slash's autobiography).

Finally, been playing the guitar again at home after a long lay off... not recording anything (no peace in the house) but it feels good making music again.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

This must be a middle age thing

OK, so 35 isn't really middle aged, but I'm not going to turn into a dribbling, incontinent pile of skin and bones, so when I get to 70, I'm taking a long walk off a short pier. So effectively I am middle aged.
Anyway, to the point of this post. It becomes quite distressing when your body doesn't do, or behave, the way it used to, or the way you want it to. No, I'm not talking about erectile dysfunction. I'm getting more aches and pains, my body can't digest and metabolize food as well as it used to (so yes, I'm turning into a fat bastard), things stop working the way they used to (eyesight, brain, joints, muscles)...
Geez, it's depressing. I tried the 'no alcohol' thing for a while, and lasted quite well... actually, no, I was crap, I lasted two weeks. So that is no doubt contributing to my weight gain and my 'feeling-like-shit' experiences first thing in the morning. I don't exercise nearly enough (although I'm trying to rectify that) but then I don't have the motivation to push myself because of other 'issues'. I know I didn't feel like this, or worry about things like this, when I was 10 years younger. So it must be an age thing.
Oh, and I don't like salads so that form of dieting is out.

Sorry, this post has turned into a bit of a random train of thoughts...

I wish I could do more of a 'grow old gracefully' thing and just accept my body shape / mass / condition, and adjust my lifestyle accordingly, but there's still this annoying spark of pride inside me that makes me think "No, come on, you have to get yourself looking and feeling better"...
but that's as far as the spark goes because when I ask it "So what do I do?" (Yes, I talk to myself, what of it?) it doesn't come back with an answer.

So here's the plan - I'm turning to the great unwashed masses (well, 5) that are my readers. Suggestions of a diet please, and suggestions of things that can improve my condition. Bare in mind I have a family, and I work, so these things have to fit in around my lifestyle. Oh, and I don't like salads or hardly any vegetables. Now you see how tough it is!

Soundtrack of the day: Nothing yet, I fancy going to buy something new from the record store.
Book I'm reading: Slash (of G 'n' R fame) 's auto biography. He is one of my guitar heroes.


Update: Soundtrack(s) of the day ended up being: "Indestructible" by Disturbed and "Songs In A & E" by Spiritualized.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

One hole can ruin it all

And no, that isn't supposed to be a comment with sexual connotations... (I'll let you think about that for a second. Got it? Good.)
I played golf yesterday, and played really well... but on one hole I got a f*ckin 8 - which ruined my card. (Oh, and 6 on the last...) so I could have, and should have, shot about 9 or 10 over but in the end it was 16 over. Now that's below my handicap, which is good, and as I said, I played some good golf, so Im not too distressed. But its in my nature to fixate on that one glaring cock-up instead of concentrating on the good stuff I played. The only positive to come out of it was the mental side of my game was strong enough for me to hit par on the next hole, so pleased with that.

Soundtrack of the day: Random button on my MP3 player, so who knows.

Jake has training tonight, but then no plans.

Oh, watched the Might Boosh series 1 on DVD last night... hi-bloody-larious. Will be buying series 2 post haste.

Monday, 23 June 2008


Bad back this morning, typical when Im supposed to be playing golf today.

Soundtrack of the day: "Kasabian" by Kasabian. You forget how good these bands are until you listen to their stuff again after a break. They have me sitting here bopping in my seat.

It's very rare for someone to pay me compliments or tell me how good a job I am doing, so today I am blowing my own trumpet. I have written some very clever domino code this morning, and even if I say it myself, it f*ckin' rocks. Well done me.

Had a really good night Friday night (I didn't post about this yesterday). Me and my two best mates went out for a couple of drinks and a chinese... there's a local restaurant near us that does a "as-much-as-you-can-eat" deal. Its called the Adventure menu, and basically you order your starters first (as much as you want, from a selected list) then your intermediate course (duck) if you want it (again, you can have as many portions as you want if you're a fat bastard) then your main course (again, as much as... oh, you get the idea). Anyway, we call three ate FAR too much, but it was really, really nice food so it was hard to stop. We then stopped for a couple of drinks before popping off home. A good night. So thanks to the two Mr. P's for a top night.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Well done Number One son

Jake played his first competive games for his new club today, Ruislip Rangers, in a tournament in Yeading.
They played 5 group games, and won all 5, so went through to the Quarter finals. They one their Quarter final game on penalties (Jake scored his). They won their Semi-final on penalties (Jake scored his again) and then to the final... where they won on penalties! (Jake, again, got his.) He also scored 4 goals from open play, one (as described by the wife... I had to stay home to baby sit the dog, he wasn't allowed at the place where the tournament was) was a beautiful volley from a cross to the edge of the box. Wish I could have seen it.
Anyway, a successful weekend for Jake with his new club. It sounds like he impressed his new manager which is what I wanted him to do.

Yes, a new post by me. First of all, I didn't post my last one so I would get lots of comments along the lines of those I have received. Thank you to all those who had expressed their interest in me keeping this going, but believe me it was not a "tell me Im great, validate me" kind of post. I have, and am still having, a hard times of things of late, and finding the motivation for this has become a struggle. However, depending on how each week goes I will endevour to post a bit more. So for those who did comment, and for those who didn't but still want to read about me and my life, thank you for your support.


Monday, 16 June 2008

Going, Going...

Five days since my last post. Should I bother anymore?
It's hard keeping the motivation to post "sparkling, witty, urbane, intelligent" posts when my life is the way it is at the moment.
Even this post took me 15 minutes to write.

No decision yet, but thinking this blog could be winding down.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Not much going on...

Played golf yesterday, did OK, played average to poor on front nine, but good to sublime on back nine! (Its always like this - that's golf for you).

I have started taking hay fever medicine for the first time in years to see if it works... and so far so good.

I'm expecting delivery of my order of films today (hopefully). If they turn up, my soundtrack of the day will be "Rush Of Blood To The Head" by Coldplay (I ordered that as well... yes, I know, Coldplay, Chris Martin, bleurgh.... but Im slowly starting to appreciate their songs).

Currently reading: "The Morningstar Strain - Plague Of The Dead" by Z. A. Recht. (I do like my zombie stories)

Although it's a pain in the @rse, there is nothing better than feeling your skin after a really good wet shave... I feel very smoooooooothe this morning.

No plans for tonight, or tomorrow (I might be invited to play football, we'll see) or Friday.


Update: Films turned up, no CD... ggrrrrr..

Monday, 9 June 2008

Hay Fever

Yes, mine has kicked in with a vengeance this weekend. For all my fellow sufferers - this time of year SUCKS, does it not? Every year I think "I'll try and start taking some anti-hystamines BEFORE it starts" but I never get round to it. And when I do get round to buying something and start taking it, my hay fever season ends, and I've wasted the bloody money. ~sigh~.
Not a bad weekend this weekend - football with Jake on Saturday morning, watched golf and football in the afternoon. Driving range on Sunday morning with Jake, then we went to the Dog's Trust Open Day on Sunday afternoon. (Link to the Dog's Trust website here.)
Because the weather was so good (clear blue skies, 26 degrees c. or 78 degrees f.) it seemed like half of the South East descended onto the place. It was VERY BUSY is what I'm trying to say. Now those who know me know how much I hate traffic, and too many people, and things like that... but for the wife and #1 son, I kept my mouth shut and tried to make the best of it. We took the dog as well, and he was in his element... so many butts to sniff! So many new friends to make! The only problem was we could only stay a couple of hours before the poor dog was overheating, so we had to leave... and by then it was getting even busier with even more cars trying to get in. Nightmare. We made the right decision to head down there not long after it had opened.
Anyway - the only plans I have this week are golf range after work today, playing golf tomorrow after work, and thats it. Oh, and I ordered some new films off t'internet at the weekend which should be arriving today. These are:
28 Days Later / 28 Weeks Later box set
Anchorman / Old School box set (Anchorman ROCKS!)
Airplane / Airplane 2 box set (two of the funniest films ever)

Friday, 6 June 2008

Missing posts

Not much been going on, hence no posts.
Without wishing to sound too girlie, my diet is going well. No alcohol has passed these lips since 1st June, and I'm continuing to eat better. I might treat myself to a bottle of red wine over the weekend, but I'm really gonna try and avoid drinking too much, if any, beer.
I weighed myself yesterday morning, and some of the weight has come off... (not a lot, granted, but my weight has gone down).
This weekend... football with Jake tomorrow morning, no plans for the rest of the weekend.
Oh, and I played golf with my regular playing partners yesterday - I thought it might be weird (and at first, it was a little... quiet) but eventually it was back to normal, which is good. I played OK, played to my handicap on a longer course than we normally play, so really happy with that.
Soundtrack of the day: Haven't decided yet, it's too early... maybe I'll just hit random on the MP3 player and see what it throws at me.
And finally, the Euro 2008 tournament starts today (the one which NO home nation qualified for... d'oh!) and I've decided to support Spain. No particular reason really... I've had some nice holidays there, they play good football, have some players I really like, and they are one of the favorites this year so they will hopefully stay in the tournament a long time.
Update: Soundtrack of the day ended up being "The Seldom Seen Kid" by Elbow.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Save your eyeballs

I watched "I Am Legend" last night... my GOD, to quote Bart Simpson, I didn't know something could both suck and blow. I was really looking forward to it, the trailers made it look really cool... but guess what, the trailers were the best bits.
For those who don't know, its about a man (Will Smith) who's the last man alive in New York City after a major, MAJOR, nasty event. I don't wanna give too much away. Anyway, it ends up with Will Smith going round an empty New York trying to survive with his pet dog, hunting dear through Times Square etc. Now, I like those apocalyptic type films where city's are shown desolate and empty and there's all sorts of nasty stuff going on (28 days later being a good example) hence the reason I was looking forward to this but... it takes this really good premise of a movie and completely wipes it's arse with is. It builds up, and builds up, and rather than have more interaction between Smith's character and the other 'protaganists' (sp.) which could have rescued it, it just all blows up at the end and you're left thinking "is that it?". It's shite.
Don't watch it.

Anyway... soundtrack of the day "Northern Soul" by The Verve.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Nearly a week since my last post

So apologies. Been in a real funk recently, very low and fed up.

I guess I'd better update whats been happening... well, I bought a new car. Its the same make and model as my last one, just the new model. It's three years old (no, it's not brand new, I couldn't quite stretch to that) but its one of the higher end models. It has leather interior 6 CD changer, air-con, digital DAB radio, auto headlights, auto wind screen wipers, cruise control, easy-tronic gear box... it's very nice. Oh, and metallic black. A good looking car.

I've also decided to give up beer as much as possible for the month of June. See, I'm going on a stag weekend in the early part of July, and during this stag weekend, I'm gonna need to wear a wet suit (the guy who's do it is is into surfing and body boarding, and wants us ALL involved). At the moment, if I put on a wet suit, I'd like look 8 lbs of shit in a 4 lb bag, so I need to lose some weight. Cutting down on the beer as much as possible, and eating a little better (I don't eat that badly really, but I can do a little better) should hopefully trim off some of the excess 'baggage'. I can't say I'll give up beer completely - that would be too hard, but I will only drink it at weekends, and in moderation.

I'm sure there has been other things going on, but right now, I can't really think of anything. Oh, and no golf yet, itching to play... hopefully this week.