Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Not much going on...

Played golf yesterday, did OK, played average to poor on front nine, but good to sublime on back nine! (Its always like this - that's golf for you).

I have started taking hay fever medicine for the first time in years to see if it works... and so far so good.

I'm expecting delivery of my order of films today (hopefully). If they turn up, my soundtrack of the day will be "Rush Of Blood To The Head" by Coldplay (I ordered that as well... yes, I know, Coldplay, Chris Martin, bleurgh.... but Im slowly starting to appreciate their songs).

Currently reading: "The Morningstar Strain - Plague Of The Dead" by Z. A. Recht. (I do like my zombie stories)

Although it's a pain in the @rse, there is nothing better than feeling your skin after a really good wet shave... I feel very smoooooooothe this morning.

No plans for tonight, or tomorrow (I might be invited to play football, we'll see) or Friday.


Update: Films turned up, no CD... ggrrrrr..

1 comment:

greeny said...

Good to know the meds are working- no sense in suffering needlessly.

I love Coldplay. I didn't know there was anything bleurghy about Chris Martin other than his inability to name progeny.

Ive never known anyone who reads zombie novels....No judgement from me, mind you.

A shave with shaving cream and a straight razor or blade? You could use the new spray on- rinse off stuff. Pretty quick although I think it's for legs so you could lose valuable skin and definition on your face...