Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Save your eyeballs

I watched "I Am Legend" last night... my GOD, to quote Bart Simpson, I didn't know something could both suck and blow. I was really looking forward to it, the trailers made it look really cool... but guess what, the trailers were the best bits.
For those who don't know, its about a man (Will Smith) who's the last man alive in New York City after a major, MAJOR, nasty event. I don't wanna give too much away. Anyway, it ends up with Will Smith going round an empty New York trying to survive with his pet dog, hunting dear through Times Square etc. Now, I like those apocalyptic type films where city's are shown desolate and empty and there's all sorts of nasty stuff going on (28 days later being a good example) hence the reason I was looking forward to this but... it takes this really good premise of a movie and completely wipes it's arse with is. It builds up, and builds up, and rather than have more interaction between Smith's character and the other 'protaganists' (sp.) which could have rescued it, it just all blows up at the end and you're left thinking "is that it?". It's shite.
Don't watch it.

Anyway... soundtrack of the day "Northern Soul" by The Verve.


greeny said...

I was mildly entertained but am not a fan of the CG movie. I must have been pretty bored.
I guess the story line was really the best part of the movie and it definitely fell flat after he blew up, yes. I hate sappy endings like that too.

Mom said...

We paid big bucks to see it in the theater. Not our best use of our money for sure.

nw said...

Aww Man, I was really looking forward to watching that...

Russ said...

Apparently the movie ending was very different to the book's ending. They did make the book's ending but after some "audience review" they believed that the ending you saw was the better one. I have the book ending as an .avi somewhere, but haven't watched it yet.

See this article for a clearer description and for more examples
5 films ruined by last minute changes

Simon said...

Russ, I also regularly visit Cracked, its a top site. I'd already read the link to you attached. Cracked is a great site, and although its highly Americanised it does crack me up... (see what I did there?)