Monday, 9 June 2008

Hay Fever

Yes, mine has kicked in with a vengeance this weekend. For all my fellow sufferers - this time of year SUCKS, does it not? Every year I think "I'll try and start taking some anti-hystamines BEFORE it starts" but I never get round to it. And when I do get round to buying something and start taking it, my hay fever season ends, and I've wasted the bloody money. ~sigh~.
Not a bad weekend this weekend - football with Jake on Saturday morning, watched golf and football in the afternoon. Driving range on Sunday morning with Jake, then we went to the Dog's Trust Open Day on Sunday afternoon. (Link to the Dog's Trust website here.)
Because the weather was so good (clear blue skies, 26 degrees c. or 78 degrees f.) it seemed like half of the South East descended onto the place. It was VERY BUSY is what I'm trying to say. Now those who know me know how much I hate traffic, and too many people, and things like that... but for the wife and #1 son, I kept my mouth shut and tried to make the best of it. We took the dog as well, and he was in his element... so many butts to sniff! So many new friends to make! The only problem was we could only stay a couple of hours before the poor dog was overheating, so we had to leave... and by then it was getting even busier with even more cars trying to get in. Nightmare. We made the right decision to head down there not long after it had opened.
Anyway - the only plans I have this week are golf range after work today, playing golf tomorrow after work, and thats it. Oh, and I ordered some new films off t'internet at the weekend which should be arriving today. These are:
28 Days Later / 28 Weeks Later box set
Anchorman / Old School box set (Anchorman ROCKS!)
Airplane / Airplane 2 box set (two of the funniest films ever)


greeny said...

I'm sure the dog appreciates the effort...Think about the new experiences he has in his doggie dreams!

Hay fever bites. Get a calendar-make a note for next year for heaven sakes!

I loved Anchorman but haven't seen Old School yet. I can't watch it with my kids there and I always have other movies I'm wanting to watch if I'm alone.
Airplane is classic! Haven't seen Airplane II
Science fiction is a fav of mine- why do I not have 28 Days on my list?

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