Monday, 30 June 2008

Binge & Purge

No, not the names of two new cartoon characters.

I think I might have a binge & purge kind of personality. For example, I now own all three series of "The Mighty Boosh" on DVD, and have watched all three of them. I binged. And now, I don't wanna watch ANY comedy for a while... cue the purge.

I will read LOADS of fiction, devouring one novel after another. Binge.
Now, I can't think of any fiction that I want to read, so am reading an autobiography, which I'm not really a massive fan of. Purge.

I'm currently in a binge state with regards to my guitars. I've been learning to play the riff from "Sweet Child O' Mine" (G 'n' R) and the main refrain from "Same Old Song And Dance" by Aerosmith on my electric guitar, and practicing the songs I want to play when I take my guitar to the stag weekend next month. I know sooner or later I will get sick of it and not touch them again for ages. And there's the purge.

I find this a troubling aspect of my personality, but luckily I haven't allowed alcohol or narcotics into my life in a big way, so my binge & purge swings are not really life threatening.


I have a very strong urge to start sketching / drawing... maybe even painting. I think it's because I feel I have this artistic side to me that isn't being given an outlet (yes, the guitar, but I haven't written anything original in ages) but there is a constant lump of negativity that makes me think I would get nothing but frustration at not being able to put down on the page what I see in my minds eye. I sometimes think I should try writing some fiction, I seem to have a good way with words when I put my mind to it, but again would what I have in my head come out on the page in a way that would make me satisfied? ("If you don't try, you won't know"... yes, I know that, but still...).


A big post today. Sorry. I'm also sick of my back constantly aching, I can't lose weight, and my hair is a disaster.
Playing golf after work today at a course I've never played before, and it's a big week in the iSimon household as #1 son is going away on his first overnight school trip... self sufficient for the first time! More details later in the week.
Have a good Monday, be civil to one another.
Update: Soundtrack of the day: "Pump" by Aerosmith and "Stay Positive" by The Hold Steady

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