Monday, 23 June 2008


Bad back this morning, typical when Im supposed to be playing golf today.

Soundtrack of the day: "Kasabian" by Kasabian. You forget how good these bands are until you listen to their stuff again after a break. They have me sitting here bopping in my seat.

It's very rare for someone to pay me compliments or tell me how good a job I am doing, so today I am blowing my own trumpet. I have written some very clever domino code this morning, and even if I say it myself, it f*ckin' rocks. Well done me.

Had a really good night Friday night (I didn't post about this yesterday). Me and my two best mates went out for a couple of drinks and a chinese... there's a local restaurant near us that does a "as-much-as-you-can-eat" deal. Its called the Adventure menu, and basically you order your starters first (as much as you want, from a selected list) then your intermediate course (duck) if you want it (again, you can have as many portions as you want if you're a fat bastard) then your main course (again, as much as... oh, you get the idea). Anyway, we call three ate FAR too much, but it was really, really nice food so it was hard to stop. We then stopped for a couple of drinks before popping off home. A good night. So thanks to the two Mr. P's for a top night.

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