Friday, 6 June 2008

Missing posts

Not much been going on, hence no posts.
Without wishing to sound too girlie, my diet is going well. No alcohol has passed these lips since 1st June, and I'm continuing to eat better. I might treat myself to a bottle of red wine over the weekend, but I'm really gonna try and avoid drinking too much, if any, beer.
I weighed myself yesterday morning, and some of the weight has come off... (not a lot, granted, but my weight has gone down).
This weekend... football with Jake tomorrow morning, no plans for the rest of the weekend.
Oh, and I played golf with my regular playing partners yesterday - I thought it might be weird (and at first, it was a little... quiet) but eventually it was back to normal, which is good. I played OK, played to my handicap on a longer course than we normally play, so really happy with that.
Soundtrack of the day: Haven't decided yet, it's too early... maybe I'll just hit random on the MP3 player and see what it throws at me.
And finally, the Euro 2008 tournament starts today (the one which NO home nation qualified for... d'oh!) and I've decided to support Spain. No particular reason really... I've had some nice holidays there, they play good football, have some players I really like, and they are one of the favorites this year so they will hopefully stay in the tournament a long time.
Update: Soundtrack of the day ended up being "The Seldom Seen Kid" by Elbow.


greeny said...

You describe the "quiet" I would have with a friend after a falling out with them. I'd want to get back together but I would not want to be overly anxious.
Sound familiar?

Charlie Naseweis said...

I'll be following Croatia. They impressed me when they eliminated England in qualifying, playing good football with a bright young manager & technically good players.