Tuesday, 24 June 2008

One hole can ruin it all

And no, that isn't supposed to be a comment with sexual connotations... (I'll let you think about that for a second. Got it? Good.)
I played golf yesterday, and played really well... but on one hole I got a f*ckin 8 - which ruined my card. (Oh, and 6 on the last...) so I could have, and should have, shot about 9 or 10 over but in the end it was 16 over. Now that's below my handicap, which is good, and as I said, I played some good golf, so Im not too distressed. But its in my nature to fixate on that one glaring cock-up instead of concentrating on the good stuff I played. The only positive to come out of it was the mental side of my game was strong enough for me to hit par on the next hole, so pleased with that.

Soundtrack of the day: Random button on my MP3 player, so who knows.

Jake has training tonight, but then no plans.

Oh, watched the Might Boosh series 1 on DVD last night... hi-bloody-larious. Will be buying series 2 post haste.


greeny said...

Now there's the Simon we know back.
Pretty much...

Anonymous said...

He's so bright and milky white / Shining down upon the ground / He's the bright, milky white / Shining down upon the ground / Everybody look at the moon / Everybody seein' the moon / The moon is bright / He's milky white / Everybody look at the moon / Uh

Simon said...

Calm a llama down
Calm a llama deep down in the ocean blue
Like a barnacle
Sitting in the tight place
Laughing like a monkey arm
Pulling like a china boy
Caraway caraway caraway noise
Boing chika masala
Boing chika masala
Ooooooo tooth tooth (sharp intake of breath)