Monday, 30 April 2007

Bye Bye Beer

Another quiet weekend. City lost (no surprise there) but apart from that there wasn't really anything notable that happened in my little world this weekend.
I have decided, for the sake of my waistline, to see if I can give up beer for the month of May. (When I say beer, I actually mean all alchohol). I want to see if this helps me lose the extra poundage I seem to be putting on. Who knows, if it goes well, maybe I can stay off the booze for longer. I am going to have a couple of cold ones tonight while watching the football on TV, then that will be it. Oh, I am allowing myself one special dispensation - next weekend we are away in Weymouth with Jake for his football tournament, and to save being labled 'boring' etc. I will probably have a couple there. But that will be it.
My hayfever, I think, is starting as well. This morning I noticed my nose playing up in the usual way, so the next four weeks or so are going to be pretty miserable for me.
Finally, its Happy Anniversary to my parents tomorrow, and its their birthdays the following week.

Zen-ism of the day: Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

Friday, 27 April 2007


Im very sore today, especially round the calves... but it was worth it. We won 1 - 0 and I ended up playing about 75 minutes. Not too bad considering I haven't played 11-a-side for months.
It was a tight game, and by all accounts the 'manager' of the other side was quite annoyed they lost!
I have a relaxing evening planned tonight, then training with Jake tomorrow morning. Then probably watching football the rest of the day.
Next weekend we go to Weymouth for Jake's football tour... should be good.
Anyway, not much to say today, so have a nice weekend everyone and more postings soon.

Zen-ism of the day: There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.

Soundtrack of the day: "The Bends" by Radiohead

Thursday, 26 April 2007


I've put on too much weight. I now have to face the fact that I need to go on a diet. However, its not easy for someone who doesn't like salad. I mean, at all. I can cut down on beer (which is probably my biggest weakness) - in fact, I will try and stop altogether. But I dont eat alot of food (I dont have breakfast, I dont snack during the day, I only have a sandwich and a bag of crisps for lunch, and I dont have a massive evening meal) so where does all the weight come from?
I have a goal to try and get a flat stomach back (hah!) but my incentive is playing football next season. I have contacted Northwood FC who run a 'vets' team, and I will be going to try out for them at pre-season training in August. However, as summer is coming, I should try and get in shape a bit so I dont look like a fat, white, slug with my top off.
So, if anyone is reading this, how about some ideas for diets? Bear in mind I DON'T like salad, so they're out. I will be giving up beer from this Monday (30th April) and I will try and stay off it for a whole month. I just need some help with the food side of things.

Im playing 11-a-side tonight - and I KNOW its gonna hurt. I dont think my body is going to appreciate what Im gonna put it through.

Oh, and I've had a letter from the bank saying they are "investigating my complaint". So we are making progress my bank charges claim.

Zen-ism of the day: Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Parking problems

I dont usually get annoyed by this, but I noticed business man, in a more-or-less brand new BMW, parking in a mother and child spot in Sainsbury's today. I do not agree with this at all. His argument was "its quiet and I won't be a minute" when I questioned him (I know, I shouldnt get involved, but what can you do?) and yes, the car park wasn't rammed and no doubt he was just popping in and out - but how out of order is it to take a space reserved for mothers and children?
I couldn't really say too much to him, seeing as I was just walking out of the store and I didnt have Jake with me... but Oh, how I wish I DID have Jake with me, in the car! That would have been an argument worth having. Its almost as bad as parking in disabled spaces - a member of our family is in a wheelchair and I know how valuable these spaces are to him, and seeing perfectly able bodied people taking the space gets on my wick. Ooh, and another thing, what about those people with disabled badges in their car, who can legally park in the disabled spaces but when they get out of the car, look fine? Now, Im not gonna start taking the pi$$ out of ANYONE about this, or assume they are fine when there could be something seriously wrong with them... but you see some people and they do not look like walking is a problem. They park up, jump out the car and stroll quite comfortably into where ever... they may have an eye or ear problem that counts as disabled, or they may be mental (like this bloke) but does that mean they can't walk? Doesn't look like it sometimes.
(Note: I do not wish to cause offence by any of this, its just my opinion. If you dont like it, or have a comment please feel free to send it to me or blow it out ya @rse).

Soundtrack of the day: "Year Zero" by Nine Inch Nails.

Zen-ism of the day: Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.


Monday, 23 April 2007

The agony of anticipation

I had to do something today that I wasn't looking forward to. (Its not really important for this post what it was). I had decided to do this particular thing last week, but couldn't actually do it until today. So, for the whole weekend (and this morning while waiting for the right time) I had that horrid feeling of wanting to get it over and done with, but not wanting to do it.
I hate that. Obviously, its not the first time I've experienced it. There are butterflies in the stomach, you can't concentrate on anything else until you've got the situation resolved. You know the time of day (for example) that you are going to do a particular thing and time seems to slow down and won't get there so you can get it over and done with - but then the very next instant after you've thought that you think "God its not that long and then I'll have to..." whatever.
But, quite often the thing you need to do doesn't turn out as bad as you feared... and the uplifting sense of relief you get almost makes the pain of waiting worthwhile.
So what does this teach us? Well, one thing I have learned over the years is alot of the times things don't turn out as bad as you think - but its always best to be prepared for the worst. Then, you're ready if the sh*t hits the fan, and the sense of relief you get when things aren't all that bad makes you feel good. But I still hate the agony of anticipation...

Soundtrack of the day: "Favourite Worst Nightmare" by Arctic Monkeys. (Believe the hype).

Update: Someone sent me a list of zen-isms... I will post one a day for your amusement.

"Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone. "

Friday, 20 April 2007

Friday again

So the weekend's here at last. Thank God. Its been a weird week... quiet on the project front, but the bits I have been doing have been annoying!
No plans for tonight, Jake has training tomorrow morning then City away at Watford (could send Watford down tomorrow.) Jake then has a match on Sunday morning (friendly) and then before we know it is Monday again... God!
I might have another session on W.o.W tonight but that'll be about all I think.

Soundtrack of the day: "Life in Cartoon Motion" by Mika.

(Note: Apparantly according to the current Mrs. Molloy, he gets the pi$$ taken out of him... but I find it a cross between Scissor Sisters and Man From Del Monte, and I had a bit of a camp few minutes dancing like a queen at my desk. Hell, its Friday, I dont care).

Have a good weekend all...

Thursday, 19 April 2007

World of Warcraft

I've been playing World of Warcraft for the past couple of days. For those who dont know, its a PC based MMPRPG (or something... basically its a massive multiplayer online role play game).
Its based in a land of orcs, trolls, elves, humans, dwarves etc. and is an online role playing game. The big thing about it, and why its so popular, is that you play with other people from around the world. So, its like playing a third-person adventure game on your own PC, but a large majority of the characters you see are people from everywhere. Its actually quite cool, and against my better judgement Im becoming quite addicted.
I had a good session with it last night, as two of my friends also play it and we spent a couple of hours 'questing' as a team. You can chat using instant messaging as you play, and so it adds to the fun of it. A man of my age shouldn't be enjoying something like this so much I know, but I think as long as I just treat it as a bit of fun and a chance to have a laugh with friends then I think it'll be cool. (Bit like onanism really... apart from the friends part).

Anyway, I think its going to be a quiet day today as alot of my projects are at testing stage so I can't really do any more work on them. Playing football tonight (first time in two weeks... Im gonna be sore!) and then its Friday (yay). Have a good day all.

Monday, 16 April 2007

Royal gossip? No thanks...

Sorry, had to have a bit of a rant about this...
Is it just me who really could not give two tosses about the the latest story about Prince William and his bint? They are going through a relationship break up, similar to that of countless couples around the world. So what? Are there really no more interesting things happening around the world, or even around this country, than the fact that some chinless royal berk has split up from his missus?
There's loads of speculation about who dumped who and why, and that shes been staying with her parents while he's out on the pi$$ at a London night club. AND??? This is exactly what loads of us blokes have done in the past - split up with a the missus and then gone out and got lashed. I really dont care. This country places too much importance on what the royal family do, and I for one get bored to tears hearing about them.

A very nice weekend

... was had by all. The train journey up North was very pleasant, no problems and nice and quick.
I got to go watch City v Liverpool on Saturday, which was good, but the seat I had was right in the sun, so I felt like I was the main course on a Sunday roast...
The laptop arrived on Wednesday, and so far so good, although it seems a bit slow. I think its got enough memory and processor speed, but it seems to take ages loading pages that normally load quickly. I think it might be to do with Vista. I will be calling Dell customer support later, and testing them out to see how good they are. Em likes my gay bag so she will be buying it off me and I will try and find something a bit more male.
My statements finally arrived, so I have calculated the amount of money they owe and will be sending my first letter off tomorrow.
And Jake loved the Nintendo Wii. I even got Em having a go at the tennis, so I think it will be a successful purchase.
A very brief synopsis of my weekend there. I haven't got much on this week- Jake goes to Watford tonight (football) but its not my turn to go. Im playing golf tomorrow after work (with another member of Stockley Park... playing with a stranger - nervy!) and then the rest of the week I have no plans really.
Have a good day, more waffle tomorrow.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Naughty boy

I have splurged again and bought a new toy. A Nintendo Wii.
I know, I know, I must be mad, but my justifications are good... its the sort of thing that Jake will love. There are games on there that all three of us can play which should be good fun. I can imagine getting my friends round for a few beers and playing some games (fnar) which should be hilarious. AND they are very hard to get hold of so when I had the chance to get one I had to snap it up. If I can be @rsed I might write a proper little review of it for you all.
I am working from home today as I am expecting some deliveries, my laptop being the main one. Looking forward to getting it, as it has Vista on it and Im looking forward to seeing what thats like.
Also ordered some more memory for it (it only came with 512MB) to put it up to a 1GB, and that should be arriving today. The new laptop bag I ordered for it has already turned up... its nice, and it looked good on the website... but now I've got it, it looks a bit... well... camp.
Here's a link to an image of it.

Have a good day everyone. Im off up North tomorrow so might not be able to post for a couple of days. I hope people are still reading this, and if so, spread the word...

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Peace and quiet

I was alone for the Easter weekend. The family went up to the in-laws on Saturday morning, so I had the whole weekend (plus today and tomorrow) on my own. Although I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and it was nice being able to relax and have a bit of self-indulgent time, I didn't half miss Jake and Em. I do like my own time and space, but when they're not there, its sometimes too quiet. Oh, and I was supposed to play golf yesterday but got let down at the last minute, so not too happy about that.
So Im at work today and tomorrow, then off on the train up to North Wales to meet up with the family. As I've posted more than once before, as long as the train runs OK, Im going to look forward to the journey. My new laptop should arrive tomorrow (according to an email from the customer services dept. it will turn up between 17.00 and 21.00 (?)) so I could be tempted to take it with me and watch a DVD or something.
I dont know if people are still reading this - and if they are, maybe I shouldn't be forwarding them onto another blog site, but here's one for you techies out there:

Dilbert's Blog

Have a good day people, and I'll post more soon.

Thursday, 5 April 2007


I bought a laptop last night! Man, I shouldn't be allowed credit cards. I was round a friends house and he was telling me about how cheap his decent spec. laptop was from EBay.
I started looking around, and then went to Dell's site to check things out and the prices were really good. So I bought one!
It means I can take a lot of stuff off my work laptop that officially shouldn't be on there, and put it on my own one (things like my MP3 software, images from my camera etc.) I can also get some games on there (there are some very decent PC games out there) and I thought it about time I got into the 21st century. I know I have a laptop through work, but I can't do half as much on it as I'd like to. I had a BAD case of buyers remorse about 5 minutes after I had submitted and confirmed the order, but now Im actually quite excited about it.
So, a new purchase on the way... I'll update the here when it arrives. (Est. delivery date is on or before 13th April).
Its effectively Friday today, as its the last day before Easter. If I can get through today (I have a few bits to do so should be busy) then Im playing football tonight, then I can relax...

I will try and update over the weekend, but have a happy Easter all.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


AGAIN, that leprous to$$ pot from the house that backs onto mine left his rubbish out last night and when I left this morning for work there was a spread of potato and carrot peelings, old chinese take-away menus and toy cars(!) outside my garage. All I could do was use a spade to scoop it all up and dump it back all over his bin bags. I dont like being angry at 6.45 in the morning, its NOT a good start to the day. But then, as I was driving to work, it got me thinking. He is probably completely unaware of whats going on - he has no idea how annoyed I get about this. He is living his life completely oblivious to the fact that someone wants to harm him physically and dump a sh*t load of garbage over his fence. "So make him aware" some of you may shout - but thats not the point of this post. How many of us can categorically say we don't do anything to annoy anyone? How do we know that we do little things in our lives that to us have no consequence but to someone else is like a sharp splinter digging under their skin? I know I can be annoying, and I have some bad habits that make the current Mrs. Molloy want to insert various kitchen tools and appliances into me (not in a nice way) - but do I do things that other people really get wound up about but don't want to say anything about? Do you?
How much better (or worse) would the world be if people were less tolerant of these little things and let their opinion be known to the perpetrator?
Its tempting to encourage people, just for a day, to be totally honest about these things... but no doubt it would end in tears and I would get the blame. Anyway, a talking / thinking point there for you.
Soundtrack of the day: "Because Of The Times" (new album) by Kings Of Leon, and "The Essential Collection" (greatest hits) by Marc Bolan & T-Rex.

Monday, 2 April 2007

April Fool?

Well I didnt get caught out on Sunday... in fact, I wasn't aware it was April the 1st until today, when I discovered it was April the 2nd! Do people still do April fools jokes?

A quiet weekend really. Jake had his last game of the season on Saturday, and unfortunately lost.
The whole team didn't get started really until the second half, by which time the were 3 - 0 down.
When they DID finally get going, Jake scored two and his captain scored one, but by that time it was about 2 minutes to go and the opposition had already got a fourth, so they lost 4 - 3. A very spirited come back though.

City won AGAIN (!) on the road - 1 - 0 away to Newcastle, which was a big shock (I actually owe a friend of mine £5 because I bet we'd either lost or draw, but HE had faith in City even though he's a Chelsea fan - its £5 I dont mind losing I can tell you)

Sunday we did the DIY thing, and went out and bought Jake a new bed and bedroom furniture - guess what I've been tasked with doing over Easter!

I have something on every day this week, which is nice - Taking Jake to Watford (training) tonight, a golf lesson on Tuesday afternoon, maybe playing golf on Wednesday, football on Thursday and then its Easter!

Have a good Monday everyone, more updates soon.