Monday, 2 April 2007

April Fool?

Well I didnt get caught out on Sunday... in fact, I wasn't aware it was April the 1st until today, when I discovered it was April the 2nd! Do people still do April fools jokes?

A quiet weekend really. Jake had his last game of the season on Saturday, and unfortunately lost.
The whole team didn't get started really until the second half, by which time the were 3 - 0 down.
When they DID finally get going, Jake scored two and his captain scored one, but by that time it was about 2 minutes to go and the opposition had already got a fourth, so they lost 4 - 3. A very spirited come back though.

City won AGAIN (!) on the road - 1 - 0 away to Newcastle, which was a big shock (I actually owe a friend of mine £5 because I bet we'd either lost or draw, but HE had faith in City even though he's a Chelsea fan - its £5 I dont mind losing I can tell you)

Sunday we did the DIY thing, and went out and bought Jake a new bed and bedroom furniture - guess what I've been tasked with doing over Easter!

I have something on every day this week, which is nice - Taking Jake to Watford (training) tonight, a golf lesson on Tuesday afternoon, maybe playing golf on Wednesday, football on Thursday and then its Easter!

Have a good Monday everyone, more updates soon.

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