Monday, 16 April 2007

A very nice weekend

... was had by all. The train journey up North was very pleasant, no problems and nice and quick.
I got to go watch City v Liverpool on Saturday, which was good, but the seat I had was right in the sun, so I felt like I was the main course on a Sunday roast...
The laptop arrived on Wednesday, and so far so good, although it seems a bit slow. I think its got enough memory and processor speed, but it seems to take ages loading pages that normally load quickly. I think it might be to do with Vista. I will be calling Dell customer support later, and testing them out to see how good they are. Em likes my gay bag so she will be buying it off me and I will try and find something a bit more male.
My statements finally arrived, so I have calculated the amount of money they owe and will be sending my first letter off tomorrow.
And Jake loved the Nintendo Wii. I even got Em having a go at the tennis, so I think it will be a successful purchase.
A very brief synopsis of my weekend there. I haven't got much on this week- Jake goes to Watford tonight (football) but its not my turn to go. Im playing golf tomorrow after work (with another member of Stockley Park... playing with a stranger - nervy!) and then the rest of the week I have no plans really.
Have a good day, more waffle tomorrow.

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