Wednesday, 4 April 2007


AGAIN, that leprous to$$ pot from the house that backs onto mine left his rubbish out last night and when I left this morning for work there was a spread of potato and carrot peelings, old chinese take-away menus and toy cars(!) outside my garage. All I could do was use a spade to scoop it all up and dump it back all over his bin bags. I dont like being angry at 6.45 in the morning, its NOT a good start to the day. But then, as I was driving to work, it got me thinking. He is probably completely unaware of whats going on - he has no idea how annoyed I get about this. He is living his life completely oblivious to the fact that someone wants to harm him physically and dump a sh*t load of garbage over his fence. "So make him aware" some of you may shout - but thats not the point of this post. How many of us can categorically say we don't do anything to annoy anyone? How do we know that we do little things in our lives that to us have no consequence but to someone else is like a sharp splinter digging under their skin? I know I can be annoying, and I have some bad habits that make the current Mrs. Molloy want to insert various kitchen tools and appliances into me (not in a nice way) - but do I do things that other people really get wound up about but don't want to say anything about? Do you?
How much better (or worse) would the world be if people were less tolerant of these little things and let their opinion be known to the perpetrator?
Its tempting to encourage people, just for a day, to be totally honest about these things... but no doubt it would end in tears and I would get the blame. Anyway, a talking / thinking point there for you.
Soundtrack of the day: "Because Of The Times" (new album) by Kings Of Leon, and "The Essential Collection" (greatest hits) by Marc Bolan & T-Rex.

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