Thursday, 19 April 2007

World of Warcraft

I've been playing World of Warcraft for the past couple of days. For those who dont know, its a PC based MMPRPG (or something... basically its a massive multiplayer online role play game).
Its based in a land of orcs, trolls, elves, humans, dwarves etc. and is an online role playing game. The big thing about it, and why its so popular, is that you play with other people from around the world. So, its like playing a third-person adventure game on your own PC, but a large majority of the characters you see are people from everywhere. Its actually quite cool, and against my better judgement Im becoming quite addicted.
I had a good session with it last night, as two of my friends also play it and we spent a couple of hours 'questing' as a team. You can chat using instant messaging as you play, and so it adds to the fun of it. A man of my age shouldn't be enjoying something like this so much I know, but I think as long as I just treat it as a bit of fun and a chance to have a laugh with friends then I think it'll be cool. (Bit like onanism really... apart from the friends part).

Anyway, I think its going to be a quiet day today as alot of my projects are at testing stage so I can't really do any more work on them. Playing football tonight (first time in two weeks... Im gonna be sore!) and then its Friday (yay). Have a good day all.

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