Thursday, 26 April 2007


I've put on too much weight. I now have to face the fact that I need to go on a diet. However, its not easy for someone who doesn't like salad. I mean, at all. I can cut down on beer (which is probably my biggest weakness) - in fact, I will try and stop altogether. But I dont eat alot of food (I dont have breakfast, I dont snack during the day, I only have a sandwich and a bag of crisps for lunch, and I dont have a massive evening meal) so where does all the weight come from?
I have a goal to try and get a flat stomach back (hah!) but my incentive is playing football next season. I have contacted Northwood FC who run a 'vets' team, and I will be going to try out for them at pre-season training in August. However, as summer is coming, I should try and get in shape a bit so I dont look like a fat, white, slug with my top off.
So, if anyone is reading this, how about some ideas for diets? Bear in mind I DON'T like salad, so they're out. I will be giving up beer from this Monday (30th April) and I will try and stay off it for a whole month. I just need some help with the food side of things.

Im playing 11-a-side tonight - and I KNOW its gonna hurt. I dont think my body is going to appreciate what Im gonna put it through.

Oh, and I've had a letter from the bank saying they are "investigating my complaint". So we are making progress my bank charges claim.

Zen-ism of the day: Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

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