Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Weather eh? Shocking

The view from where I'm sitting today:

Yes I'm sitting at my dining room table looking out the window into my back garden and that's what I can see. Thick, deep snow. The weather has gone potty. Still, it means I can sit here in my slob-out clothes, drinking tea, eating biscuits and staying warm. I have more documentation to do *sigh* but at least I've not gone out and crashed the car or anything daft like that.
I was supposed to be playing football on Sunday, but I doubt the local playing fields where we play will have under-soil heating, so I doubt it's on.
Not much else to report... oh, one of my favorite blogs is back online. Check it out, even though he is a red git. Well Done Fillet (Part II)


Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy new year?

It bloody better be because the last one was shite.

Yes, it's a fresh and shiny 2010. Written down, doesn't that look like such a futuristic year?
No plans as yet for anything other than getting back into the swing of work. I have a cold trying to start at the moment (cue fighting it off with lemsip and orange juice) and the weather in my part of the world is shocking. It got down to -9.5 degrees c. last night!

So far, I seem to have managed to keep the weight off that disappeared through excess crapping and spewing on boxing day. I hope to keep it off permanently - and less beer should help.

So that's about it for today - it was only supposed to be a quick post to say hello and hope you are all fit and healthy and raring to go this year. Well are you?

More updates soon.