Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy new year?

It bloody better be because the last one was shite.

Yes, it's a fresh and shiny 2010. Written down, doesn't that look like such a futuristic year?
No plans as yet for anything other than getting back into the swing of work. I have a cold trying to start at the moment (cue fighting it off with lemsip and orange juice) and the weather in my part of the world is shocking. It got down to -9.5 degrees c. last night!

So far, I seem to have managed to keep the weight off that disappeared through excess crapping and spewing on boxing day. I hope to keep it off permanently - and less beer should help.

So that's about it for today - it was only supposed to be a quick post to say hello and hope you are all fit and healthy and raring to go this year. Well are you?

More updates soon.


Manuel said...

oh aye, 2009 was probably my worst year yet...2010 has no choice but to be better...starting with Wednesday, obviously...

in other news I have moved back to welldonefillet...whoop whoop

Phil Dawson said...

All going well down-under mate. This week its been 35+ everyday so we're certainly poles apart!

I might try and arrange some sort of E.coli infection to kick of the NY weight loss regime.