Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Why did this site make me nervous?

I stumbled on a site called Omegle. It's a site where you get to chat with a complete stranger, anonymously, one-on-one, in a chat window. You go to their website, hit the "Start A Chat" button, and supposedly you're connected to a stranger to chat to. (I don't know if it's an actual person or just a bot... I didn't find out, as you'll see in a second if you keep reading...)
I logged onto it... hit the button... and was told "You are now connected to a stranger - say hi!"
...and logged off straight away!
I can't really describe why I felt so nervous... but I really didn't want to chat, and I don't think I could ever use this site.
Or would it be like a big step forward for me? Those who know me know I don't like 'people' - the great unwashed public. But this is kind of like a vaccine to this, as its a very small shot of dealing with people I don't know and all their opinions (which are normally wrong).

Do I have a social phobia, or 'social anxiety association'? Possibly. The more I think about it, the more I'm of the opinion I might actually suffer from something along these lines (and not just because I'm a miserable ba$tard... I'm not so much anymore, anyway).

Another problem I can see with this site is it could be used by those mouth breathing monkey scrotums who just get off on abusing people... I can see the transcript now:

"You are now connected with a stranger - say hi!"
YOU: Hi...
Stranger: Hello
YOU: So, this is weird
Stranger: You're weird! hahahahahahahhaha wanker! hahahahahahahah
YOU: I don't think yo
Stranger: Toss! Arse! hahahahah you fickin wierdo you suck hahahahah

You get the point. Usually these people can't work their mouths and fingers at the same time so when they're trying to type out their insults they are usually saying them at the same time so the spelling is usually hit & miss.

There's also the possibility of connecting to a minor (of the opposite sex) and not realising it - I'm not even going to start with all the problems that could cause!

Maybe I'll log onto the site later and give it a go...after 09.00AM, so school will have started and there's less chance of connecting to a 15 year old boy with too much testosterone and hormones and not enough brains... or a 14 year old girl with too much knowledge and not enough sense!

I'll let you know how the experiment goes...

Soundtrack of the day: '808 State' tracks on random...

Monday, 30 March 2009

This or That

Something for you all to do to pass a few minutes. Look at this list, and respond with your favorite from each paring. Obviously some of these things can mean different things to different people, so that's where the interesting responses will come from (hopefully!)
Don't over think (not a problem for some of you, I know) just respond with the first one you think "Yes, that's the one" about... Ready... set... go!

Dogs or Cats
Tea or Coffee
Black or White
Men or Women
Night or Day
Summer or Winter
PC or Mac
Hot or Cold
Sweet or Savory
Red Wine or White Wine
Odd or Even
Coke or Pepsi
Left or Right
Right or Wrong
McDonalds or Burger King
Oranges or Lemons
Cinema or DVD
Eat in or Eat out
Pass or Shoot
Hands or Feet
Kiss or Hug
Laugh or Cry
Jedi or Sith
Mr Men or Little Miss
Love Marmite or Hate Marmite
Spit or Swallow
Dress left or Dress right
Comment or No Comment

I may do another list soon...


Jake had his first proper performance for his stage school yesterday. They'd been working on it for months with rehearsing, costume making etc. and yesterday was the one off performance.
Now this wasn't like a normal school production, in front of 30 or 40 people on the school stage - this was in front of over 200 people on a proper stage with lighting and everything. I didn't think I could feel more proud of him (like when I watch him play football) but bugger me. He was fantastic. I know, I know, biased parent etc. so I will also say that the whole cast was excellent. But of course, he was the one that me, my wife, my in-laws and my parents had all gone to see.
200 plus people? I was nervous just sitting in the bloody audience in front of all those strangers! But Jake didn't show any nerves at all, he was brilliant. In fact, watching him, and some of the littler ones (the age range was from 4 to 16) I will admit to getting a little choked up sometimes.
A really good day. But bless him, he was knackered last night - he had been there all day for rehearsing etc. and so by the end of the performance, on the way home, you could see he was shattered. But he has done something I could never do at his age. And I am immensely proud.

In other news - if you want to feel like you've been rolled down a flight of stairs then sat on my half the cast of the Roly Polys (remember them?) I recommend sleeping on an air bed with a slow puncture, on a wooden floor. Start off on air-supported comfort when you go to bed, and wake up at 03.00AM on a three-quarter deflated scrotum-sack of a rubber, with the wooden floor biting into your arse and just enough air left in the bed so that every time you move you get thrown all over the place. It has to be one of the most uncomfortable experiences I've ever had in bed...(apart from that time I woke up next to the lollipop lady and the prostitute...).
So this week... not much planned at all. No football tonight (I've been told to rest by my doctor because I have a stomach muscle strain) and no golf either this week for the same reason. So it's a quiet week for me. I may have to get the guitar out some more... I've been neglecting it for a while and I'm starting to miss it. Have a good Monday everyone.
Soundtrack of the day: Green Day - random selection of tracks from all of their albums

Friday, 27 March 2009

Where have I been?

You know, I was just typing out a whole thing about how my doctors appointment went yesterday... but what's the point in moaning? Basically I got there early for my appointment but was seen 25 minutes late, and it sucked. That's the basic story. And I was seen late because the doctor had an emergency to attend to before coming into her office... so there isn't even a good reason to complain. I really do need to chill out more.

Anyway - it's Friday at last. The new edition of Q Magazine is out, so I will be getting that. Jake has a match tomorrow (not training). My in-laws are staying with us for the weekend. And Jake has his first big performance on Sunday with his stage school thing he does. In a proper theater and everything. No football (well, an international pointless friendly, so it doesn't count) and no RBS Six Nations (Ireland won it, for those that don't know) so a rather sport free weekend.

That is all.

Update: A question to the intelligent amongst you. What does [sic] mean when next to a word? For example: "...just an excuse for Johnathan [sic] to keep us from scouting other labels."
Answers in comments please...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

WTF is going on here?!

What events / scenario / things have occurred that puts that man, in that room, with those ladies, with one of them throwing up after downing a beer?! The mind boggles!

Have you been seen doing something you shouldn't?

There is a story on the BBC website today saying that 'privacy campaigners' want the Google Maps Street View service switched off. They cite more that 200 reports from members of the public that they are identifiable on the service.
For those that don't know, Google Maps is a map service from Google where you can pin-point a post code and zoom in down to street level using satellite imagery. For a while that was all you could do, but then they launched Street View. This involved cars driving round the streets taking photo after photo, and then uploading these to their servers so that when you find a post code (say, your own house) you can click on the Street View link and be put 'on the street' in front of that post code... and you can then look left and right and move up and down the street.

"Fantastic!" people said... for a while it was fun to look at your own house, your friends house, see if you could spot yourself, or look in windows etc. But as the report on the BBC says, it has also caused problems. Two examples it gives is one of a woman who moved to escape a violent partner and is seen on Street View outside her new home... and another one of two work colleagues caught in a 'compromising position' and who suffered embarrassment when the image was circulated at work.
I can understand how some people would not want to be seen on such a service. Saying you're one place, but being photographed somewhere else will ALWAYS cause problems - but I'm sorry in some instances, it's your own fault. Compromising position?? Whatever they were doing, why do it in public?!
And the woman who moved away from her violent partner - OK, its a sad situation, but unless this violent person already knows your post code, (which means you're f*cked already) how is he / she going to find you? Search through EVERY IMAGE on the site? Yeah, they have a spare 1000 years I guess.
I think the privacy campaigners have over-reacted a little. Google have always said if an image needs removing or modifying (they usually blur faces / car registrations) they will gladly do it. But to shut the whole service down? I don't know.

What this whole situation has done is made me think about how I feel about the whole 'privacy' thing... and I can honestly say I'm torn. On the one hand, the old "if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to fear" argument is a good one. If you're going about your business and doing nothing illegal, or that which you shouldn't be doing, then what have you got to get upset about? But then I don't like that fact I'm being watched or photographed without my knowledge or permission... (those that know me know I absolutely despise my photo being taken anyway!) and the fact that my image can be used by whoever took the photo for whatever they want without my knowledge is quite scary. It's a tricky one.
So anyway - I hope I've given you all something to think / talk about today. Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, 23 March 2009

I keep giggling

See, I told you I'd post more - two posts already and its not even 10.00.

I just read on another website this sentence - "...shit-your-pants excitement..."
It doesn't matter what it was associated with, but when I read that, I got an instant picture that now every time I see it in my mind, I start giggling. I'll try and share it in a way that makes it clear.

I see a small boy - about 4 or 5 years old. He's just seen something... I don't know what, some new toy, or something happening near him, or something. His eyes are wide open, his mouth is fixed in a teeth clenching grin, slightly manic, slightly unsure, and he's literally vibrating with excitement and there is a faint whiff of a filled nappy (diaper for our American cousins).

It doesn't work does it? You can't see my mind-picture can you? But when I see it, I just start in like a little school girl....teeheeheehee... Peace.

A slow start

I've not posted much recently, but there is only one reason for that - not much has been going on. There hasn't been anything I've been desperate to share with you all, or stories I've uncovered that I've felt the need to pass on. Although my sparkling wit and skill with prose can light up any monitor, I've decided not to post just for the sake of posting. This week, I will try and find / think of some more interesting topics to post about to as to not deprive you all of your regular fix. (Yes, I'm comparing myself to heroin there... or coffee).
I had a quiet weekend, mainly revolving around football. (Jake's, not mine). And last night, I had my parents and sister round for dinner to celebrate Mothers Day, which was very nice.
This week, I have football tonight, Jake has training tomorrow night, I am out for dinner with bestest friends on Wednesday night... and that's about as far as my plans go so far.
So, stay tuned, I will be posting more this week.
Oh, two things I will pass on - if you haven't discovered these already, check out Charlie Brooker's column on the Guardian's website here and David Mitchell's, on the same site, here.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Moral dilemma

Good morning children. Advice / comments sought.

I was looking at our team diary here in my I.S department this morning and came across an entry posted by someone in the U.S. I work with this person, and he has an impact on my job, and so I thought I'd see what the item was he had posted because the subject was "Notes Development" which is basically, kinda my job. It turns out it was an email from my boss, to him, asking for a meeting to discuss how the Notes Development role moves forward within the company. My name is mentioned (of course) and what has been suggested, I have some thoughts on. So - the question is, do I get in touch with my boss and give him my comments? Or do I wait and see what happens? I haven't done anything wrong, as the diary entry is available for all to see... but I feel that if I comment on it I could be told it's "none of my business" (in the nicest possible way) even though what is being discussed will affect me. What do you all think internet land? Responses in the usual way...

Meanwhile - soundtrack of the day will be "Return To Cookie Mountain" again by TV On The Radio.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St. Paddy's day

Yes, it's St. Patrick's day today, the patron saint of Guiness.
I kid of course. But it seems this is the only "Saints" day that we celebrate with gusto and enthusiasm. I mean, why don't we all drink tea and complain all day when it's St. George's day? (I know, how could you tell the difference with me, right?) Or eat leeks and interfere with sheep on St. David's day? (Sorry Emma.. I'm kidding of course) or drink whiskey and punch people for St. Andrew's day? (A normal working day for me then...).
No, St. Patrick's day seems to be the only one we really get into - I mean in Chicago they even dye the river green for goodness sake. And everyone here starts talking in that cod Irish accent, like a movie leprechaun, and insists "no, really, I do have Irish blood in me". Pah.
However... if it makes everyone happier for the day, and it means we see more people wearing those stupid floppy felt hats and falling over themselves to make themselves look like dicks, then all well and good. I may even treat myself to a couple of pints of the black stuff tonight. (No, not bovril). So if you're celebrating today / tonight, then enjoy yourself, but please, please, don't start in with the "begorra and jeezis and hello dere liddle feller...". Sake.

Oh, and I had a top two days of golf thank you for asking, great weather, great company, and the golf wasn't too bad in places either. Here's to next year.

Soundtrack of the day: "Danny Boy" by... No not really. "The Dreams We Have As Children", the live acoustic set by Noel Gallagher from the Royal Albert Hall, in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Red Nose Day

Yes, it's Red Nose Day today. Now I'm all for 'charity' and the like, but I must say I don't like feeling pressured into doing things I don't want to do, all in the name of 'charity'. For example, at work today, we are 'allowed' to wear jeans for a small donation to the cause... but with the usual caveat that we don't wear anything else other than work attire (shoes, shirts etc.). So I don't normally bother - I mean, I'm not a school kid, it doesn't bother me what I wear to work so I don't get all excited about being allowed to wear denim. The thing is, when you turn up at work and get asked "Oh, you not wearing jeans today?" you get looked at funny because "it's for charity, init?" I do enough for charity in my own way, thank you very much, and because I don't wanna actually donate to this particular cause I should not be made to feel a pariah by people. Saying that, I did buy something from Sainsburys today and chucked my change into the Red Nose bucket rather than in my pocket, so I suppose I've done my own little bit today. Oh, and the TV can sometimes be good on Red Nose Day night so I'll look forward to seeing what they've got lined up.
In other news...
I'm off to my annual golf society away-days this weekend (Sunday & Monday) so I really can't wait for that. I'll leave early Sunday morning, get to the hotel in Shropshire, play golf on Sunday, have 'refreshments' and dinner in the hotel, bed & breakfast, and then another round of golf on the Monday. As we used to say in school, it's gonna be wicked. Will report back after the event.
Have a great weekend listeners, and remember, today's for charity init...?
Update: I had to share these amazing images with you all... enjoy.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Just a quickie

I watched Dark Knight for the first time last night. It was awesome. Heath Ledger was the Joker... his performance was electrifying even without the knowledge that he killed himself.
The 'two face' make-up was very clever, the story line kept you on the edge of your seat, it was beautifully shot... the only downside was the fact that Batman had to talk in this evil, deep growl rather than maybe just talk a little lower. Still, didn't detract from an excellent film, highly recommended.

In other news... not much going on really. City on the TV tonight in the UEFA cup. So a couple of refreshments whilst watching is called for.

Have a smashing day everyone.

Update: I have a laptop I'm thinking of selling. If you know anyone who'd be interested, get them to email me. Thanks.

Monday, 9 March 2009


Yes, that's a scream... here's why:

So I'll say again... AAAARRGHHH!!!

Things that wind me up no. 17,456

I want to upgrade my handset. I am SO bored with my mobile phone at the moment, and want something new and fresh and fabulous. So, being impatient, I phoned my network provider a couple of weeks ago to check when I can upgrade, for how much, etc. And was told I could upgrade for £xx.xx on March 9th (today).

Excellent, thought I, I can afford that... so this morning, on the phone to the my network provider was I. (Sounding like Yoda there...)

"Good morning, yes, I was told I can upgrade my phone today for £xx.xx and would like to go ahead and do it."
"Oh, no, it's £yy.yy not £xx.xx... sorry." (Yes, £yy.yy is MORE expensive, of course).
"So why was I told the price of £xx.xx?"
"I don't know, but it's £yy.yy not £xx.xx."

B A S T A R D !

(I didn't shout that, but screamed it in my head). Why do I get told one thing one day, then something else another?! It happens so often with all sorts of companies...it's like they're making things up as they go along. One source of information should equal one actual piece of information - but no, one source can in fact equal loads of different information and no one knowing what the last person said. So now I have to think to myself, how badly do I want to upgrade? Do I wait for the actual date of the £xx.xx price (1st April) or do I bite the bullet and upgrade now?

Let's see how mature I can be and wait and be patient...

Friday, 6 March 2009

This 'n' that

First of all, I realized today that my blog is over 2 years old... wow. I've been doing this since 11th January 2007 so the blog's official 2nd birthday passed without comment / celebration. Two years. AND it's flown by. Sheesh.

I've woken up with a head cold this morning. (No, not a man cold as so many women seem to find funny calling it - idiots) ... just kiddin, I love ALL women, ALL the laydeez, ALL the bitc... ALL the nice female people.
Anyway, yes, woke up with a head cold this morning - my body feels fine, I don't feel tired, or achy, or anything but my nose is blocked and stuffy, and my voice has that horrible blocked up sound.

And the main subject of my post this morning? The London 2012 Olympics. I have a feeling this is a subject that has divided a nation. On the one hand you have people who can't wait for it to get here, who are excited about it, who think it will be a massive benefit to our country and London in particular. Then you have the other side, who can't see the benefits it will have for them in particular, who are annoyed at how much it's costing them personally through taxes, who can see nothing but traffic chaos, over crowding and a great big fat failure to host anything worth being proud of. Can you guess which camp I'm in?
It seems as though whenever you hear reports on the news about the London 2012 Olympics (which from now on will be referred to as the ShitLympics) we are expected to feel a massive sense of national pride and excitement at how fantastic it's all going to be. Why? Will the ShitLympics help me with my financial debts? No. Will it help me lose weight and be a happier person? No. Will I get any benefits from the new facilities all the way over on the other side of London? No. The only 'plus' I can think of is it will be possible to go and watch some of the events live. Not the good ones, like the 100m mens final, or the female gymnastics (hhmmm... leotards) because they will be a) too expensive and b) given over to corporate seats and friends of the organizing committee. But the smaller, crappier events will be available to be seen live. Which is kinda cool I guess. But for the rest of the events, we'll be watching them on TV, so they could be all the way round the other side of the world and we'd still see them. I'm not going to go a far as to say that I wish London hadn't won the bid, or that London shouldn't be hosting them - but I do not buy in to the general feeling of "this is going to be brilliant, London and the UK will be so much better off because of it, rah rah rah aren't we special" nonsense that I think we're expected to feel. So there.

Soundtrack of the day: "Frog Stomp" by Silverchair... (yes, inspired by you Mr. Dawson). Peace.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Morning routines

Yes, two posts today, aren't you all lucky.
I was thinking this morning about my morning routine - I realized I do the same thing every morning. In fact, I can list it here... (did you see that coming?)
  • Arrive in the office anywhere between 06.50 and 07.00
  • Get out my laptop, dock it, switch it on.
  • Go and make a cup of tea for me and the building manager (the only other person in - it's good to be in his good books - it means free diet cokes, good parking, other 'perks').
  • Back to my desk and log on.
  • Open Firefox
  • Log into my personal mail (gmail) and check it
  • Respond to any emails that need responding to (blog comments, for example)
  • Log into my work email and check it
  • Swear a lot at the latest batch of wanky emails I've received
  • Respond to any that need responding to
  • Check blogs, twitter, other personal email (hotmail)
  • Then it depends what work I have to do that day (or what emails I've received over night).
The first nine steps I do every morning without fail. Routines are boring, I know, but they also help ease me into the day because I don't have to think for the first half hour or so. (Apart from now, whilst writing these posts...).

So come on, share with the group, what's your morning routine?

Ooh, ooh, Soundtrack of the day: "Invaders Must Die" by The Prodigy (the perfect antidote to noisy, chatty, annoying people) and "No Line On The Horizon" by U2. It IS a good album.

I'm not unreasonable, but...

I play football every Monday night. I love it. The fact that his aging crap factory that is my body can still run around and be effective on a football pitch makes me happy. And even though I say it myself, I am good at it. I'm not good at much, but football? Yes.
Anyway, each week we get anywhere between 12 and 16 people turn up. For the mathematically weak amongst you that means sometimes we get even sides (good) sometimes odd (bad). I don't mind at all being on the side with one less, it means I have to work harder, I see more of the ball, there's more space... but the problem is you have to have team mates who work as hard as you. That means tracking back, marking men, moving for the ball etc. and when I am on a side that has one or more players who DON'T do that... good gravy it winds me up. I was getting very angry last night with one particular player - he didn't want to track back, just stay up front goal hanging. Fine - if he could put the ball in the back of the net when he got it! Instead, when the ball reached him, he'd fanny around with it and lose it and then the other team would be on the attack again. Cursing under my breath I was. At half time, we swapped, so we had the extra man and you would have thought that would have made a difference - did it f*ck. The same person did the grand total of sweet f.a. still, and to make things worse, a couple of other players thought we didn't have to work anymore now we had an extra man and just stopped running. It really does frustrate me as I only play once a week, for that hour, and if it's a crap game because of other people... sake. I don't demand they be as good as me - some aren't as technically gifted (hem hem) but just to run, mark, tackle, the normal stuff any lump with two legs can do. I hear the same excuses about this bloke every week (he's injured, he's tired, he just wants to play up front...). Tosser. Yes we lost last night.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Good morning children

Yes, I know, it's been another week since my last post, but with a few different things going on, and not much grabbing my attention, there wasn't much to post on, and the internet is full enough of boring, mindless, crap that I thought I wouldn't pollute your minds further.

So what has been going on in Molloy world? Well, this weekend I attempted to strip a radiator which wasn't easy. It's still not complete, even after using a whole tin of paint stripper, and will be doing more of it tonight. However, it was one of those jobs that I can just get my head down and get on with it - stereo on (a combination of Public Enemy, Silverchair and The Kinks), a cup of tea and just crack on with it.

And number one son's sexual education has started to move along (!). I know, shocking sentence, right?? But this weekend we had conversations on "what boobs are for", what happens when "a man puts his thing in a woman" (he asked - "do they just lie there and chat or is there hubba-bubba?") I have no idea what hubba-bubba meant - I mean, I only know it as the bubble gum! - but anyway... "whats the 'liquid' called (yes, we had to say the word 'sperm' to our son) and why do some condoms have a strawberry flavour. (He actually worked this one out for himself).
Pity my poor better half - she was the one who actually fielded these questions. Jake seems a bit too shy to talk about these things around me. The strawberry condom one was a good one... the shock of realization that someone would want to "suck it like a lollipop" (his words!) seemed to boggle his mind.
But this did get me thinking about blow jobs. Just kiddin.
This did get me thinking about how Jake's sexual education will develop - I mean, he does a class in school about health and personal stuff, but I think it's important he is comfortable talking to my better half or myself about this sort of thing. Education will stop things like that 13 year old boy becoming a father... (13?! I mean come on, GREAT parenting skills by his parents!).
So how long is it gonna be before I start getting questions on technique and things like that?! *shudder*.
So an eye opening weekend for some... and a slightly uncomfortable one for others!