Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Morning routines

Yes, two posts today, aren't you all lucky.
I was thinking this morning about my morning routine - I realized I do the same thing every morning. In fact, I can list it here... (did you see that coming?)
  • Arrive in the office anywhere between 06.50 and 07.00
  • Get out my laptop, dock it, switch it on.
  • Go and make a cup of tea for me and the building manager (the only other person in - it's good to be in his good books - it means free diet cokes, good parking, other 'perks').
  • Back to my desk and log on.
  • Open Firefox
  • Log into my personal mail (gmail) and check it
  • Respond to any emails that need responding to (blog comments, for example)
  • Log into my work email and check it
  • Swear a lot at the latest batch of wanky emails I've received
  • Respond to any that need responding to
  • Check blogs, twitter, other personal email (hotmail)
  • Then it depends what work I have to do that day (or what emails I've received over night).
The first nine steps I do every morning without fail. Routines are boring, I know, but they also help ease me into the day because I don't have to think for the first half hour or so. (Apart from now, whilst writing these posts...).

So come on, share with the group, what's your morning routine?

Ooh, ooh, Soundtrack of the day: "Invaders Must Die" by The Prodigy (the perfect antidote to noisy, chatty, annoying people) and "No Line On The Horizon" by U2. It IS a good album.


Anonymous said...

Get up
Make tea
Say hello to the dog
Switch on laptop
Check email
Check news
Check facebook
Check rss updates
Make breakfast
Get son up if he hasn't appeared
Get dressed
Wash up
Put a wash on
Tidy kitchen
Get son's clothes ready
Make sure school bag is packed
Shout at son to get ready
Motivate dog to get up
Walk to school and back
Start "work"

russ said...

Get daughter up (if Mon, Wed or Fri)
Drive to work
Get to work (normally a little late)
Dock laptop and switch on
Get pint of weak apple and blackberry Robinson's squash
Log into network
Wait for crap laptop to finally allow me to open apps
Connect to VPN
Open Outlook
Read personal mails (Gmail picked up by outlook)
Read work emails
Start work...

Charlie Naseweis said...

wake up (always an important one).
shave/shave head.
make cup of tea.
make packed lunch.
turn on sky sports news.
eat cereal, drink tea & orange juice.
brush teeth.
put on some clothes (*I have been wearing a dressing gown up to this point).
check bag.
OCD check on lights, windows and taps (can take up to 10 minutes some days)
Drive to work
start work

purplegirl said...

smack alarm clock
smack annoying hungry cat 1
smack annoying hungry cat 2
stumble to toilet and back
let dog out
stumble to computer, check facebook, check mail
drag ass to bathroom to brush teeth
drag ass in to shower
shower (if hot water left)
frantically jam in contacts, throw on clothes, and run out the door
oh wait I forgot to let the dog in.

Phil Dawson said...

1.00 - Go to Bed.
Alarm wakes me, open nearby water bottle and pour into alarm until the power goes out.
Arise, realise i did the above and am therefore late, awkwardly stumble to the shower.
Wake up standing in shower, drink the water for awhile.
Get out of the shower and realise my towel is still in the bedroom from yesterday.
Wet the entire bathroom, hall and bedroom getting my towel.
Dress myself and spend 10 mins finding matching socks.
Walk to the laundry to see if there is a basket of clean clothes in there containing the other sock from my 17 pairs.
Slip on the water.
Walk back to my room to put on odd socks.
Slip on the water.
Sock and shoe up, walk toward the door loading my pockets with swipecard, keys, wallet, phone, transport pass and sunglasses.
Walk past the bathroom, see myself in mirror for the first time.
Gel hair, shave, brush teeth even though i havent eaten anything since i brushed last (whats WITH that!)
Consider eating/drinking......deny consideration and leave!