Monday, 23 March 2009

A slow start

I've not posted much recently, but there is only one reason for that - not much has been going on. There hasn't been anything I've been desperate to share with you all, or stories I've uncovered that I've felt the need to pass on. Although my sparkling wit and skill with prose can light up any monitor, I've decided not to post just for the sake of posting. This week, I will try and find / think of some more interesting topics to post about to as to not deprive you all of your regular fix. (Yes, I'm comparing myself to heroin there... or coffee).
I had a quiet weekend, mainly revolving around football. (Jake's, not mine). And last night, I had my parents and sister round for dinner to celebrate Mothers Day, which was very nice.
This week, I have football tonight, Jake has training tomorrow night, I am out for dinner with bestest friends on Wednesday night... and that's about as far as my plans go so far.
So, stay tuned, I will be posting more this week.
Oh, two things I will pass on - if you haven't discovered these already, check out Charlie Brooker's column on the Guardian's website here and David Mitchell's, on the same site, here.

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