Monday, 2 March 2009

Good morning children

Yes, I know, it's been another week since my last post, but with a few different things going on, and not much grabbing my attention, there wasn't much to post on, and the internet is full enough of boring, mindless, crap that I thought I wouldn't pollute your minds further.

So what has been going on in Molloy world? Well, this weekend I attempted to strip a radiator which wasn't easy. It's still not complete, even after using a whole tin of paint stripper, and will be doing more of it tonight. However, it was one of those jobs that I can just get my head down and get on with it - stereo on (a combination of Public Enemy, Silverchair and The Kinks), a cup of tea and just crack on with it.

And number one son's sexual education has started to move along (!). I know, shocking sentence, right?? But this weekend we had conversations on "what boobs are for", what happens when "a man puts his thing in a woman" (he asked - "do they just lie there and chat or is there hubba-bubba?") I have no idea what hubba-bubba meant - I mean, I only know it as the bubble gum! - but anyway... "whats the 'liquid' called (yes, we had to say the word 'sperm' to our son) and why do some condoms have a strawberry flavour. (He actually worked this one out for himself).
Pity my poor better half - she was the one who actually fielded these questions. Jake seems a bit too shy to talk about these things around me. The strawberry condom one was a good one... the shock of realization that someone would want to "suck it like a lollipop" (his words!) seemed to boggle his mind.
But this did get me thinking about blow jobs. Just kiddin.
This did get me thinking about how Jake's sexual education will develop - I mean, he does a class in school about health and personal stuff, but I think it's important he is comfortable talking to my better half or myself about this sort of thing. Education will stop things like that 13 year old boy becoming a father... (13?! I mean come on, GREAT parenting skills by his parents!).
So how long is it gonna be before I start getting questions on technique and things like that?! *shudder*.
So an eye opening weekend for some... and a slightly uncomfortable one for others!


russ said...

Top post. Very funny, it must have been fairly tricky to contain your sniggering!!

Phil Dawson said...

pardon my ignorance but how old is he exactly?

did he bring it up in Sainsburys like all good birds and the bees tales should be?

careful he doesnt start referring to alcopops as foreplay : )

Simon said...

russ - it wasn't the snickering, it was the temptation not to shout out things - like "what are boobs for?" "looking at son, looking at"...
phil - he'll be 11 this November... that's TOO YOUNG to work out that strawberry condoms are so nice ladies can taste something nice when "sucking it like a lollipop"

POD said...

Simon, Thanks for stopping by from PurpleGirl and for posting your comment on my kid-sex post. I wasn't even writing about my own kid. It's "his" kid now. But're right, why do we have to do everything and still be adults why you get to watch the tele AND have sex with all your little friends after a hard day at school? I think we could keep the little ones "safe" awhile longer depending on who they hang out with. The world's gone mad.

I used to tell my son that boobs were just fat with nipples. He's gay but we didn't know that back then.