Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St. Paddy's day

Yes, it's St. Patrick's day today, the patron saint of Guiness.
I kid of course. But it seems this is the only "Saints" day that we celebrate with gusto and enthusiasm. I mean, why don't we all drink tea and complain all day when it's St. George's day? (I know, how could you tell the difference with me, right?) Or eat leeks and interfere with sheep on St. David's day? (Sorry Emma.. I'm kidding of course) or drink whiskey and punch people for St. Andrew's day? (A normal working day for me then...).
No, St. Patrick's day seems to be the only one we really get into - I mean in Chicago they even dye the river green for goodness sake. And everyone here starts talking in that cod Irish accent, like a movie leprechaun, and insists "no, really, I do have Irish blood in me". Pah.
However... if it makes everyone happier for the day, and it means we see more people wearing those stupid floppy felt hats and falling over themselves to make themselves look like dicks, then all well and good. I may even treat myself to a couple of pints of the black stuff tonight. (No, not bovril). So if you're celebrating today / tonight, then enjoy yourself, but please, please, don't start in with the "begorra and jeezis and hello dere liddle feller...". Sake.

Oh, and I had a top two days of golf thank you for asking, great weather, great company, and the golf wasn't too bad in places either. Here's to next year.

Soundtrack of the day: "Danny Boy" by... No not really. "The Dreams We Have As Children", the live acoustic set by Noel Gallagher from the Royal Albert Hall, in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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