Monday, 9 March 2009

Things that wind me up no. 17,456

I want to upgrade my handset. I am SO bored with my mobile phone at the moment, and want something new and fresh and fabulous. So, being impatient, I phoned my network provider a couple of weeks ago to check when I can upgrade, for how much, etc. And was told I could upgrade for £xx.xx on March 9th (today).

Excellent, thought I, I can afford that... so this morning, on the phone to the my network provider was I. (Sounding like Yoda there...)

"Good morning, yes, I was told I can upgrade my phone today for £xx.xx and would like to go ahead and do it."
"Oh, no, it's £yy.yy not £xx.xx... sorry." (Yes, £yy.yy is MORE expensive, of course).
"So why was I told the price of £xx.xx?"
"I don't know, but it's £yy.yy not £xx.xx."

B A S T A R D !

(I didn't shout that, but screamed it in my head). Why do I get told one thing one day, then something else another?! It happens so often with all sorts of's like they're making things up as they go along. One source of information should equal one actual piece of information - but no, one source can in fact equal loads of different information and no one knowing what the last person said. So now I have to think to myself, how badly do I want to upgrade? Do I wait for the actual date of the £xx.xx price (1st April) or do I bite the bullet and upgrade now?

Let's see how mature I can be and wait and be patient...


russ said...

lar situation, but want a phone that not on Vodafone's list...

Am gonna start a whole new contract with another company I think

Check out for the one I am after.

Click thru and see the offers they have - loads of freebies or money back on most other handsets - all v good if you ask me.

Of course it means having to wait a little longer to be "out of contract" (rather than able to upgrade) but i reckon it will be worth it.

russ said...

previous_comment = "I am in a simi" + previous_comment

Charlie Naseweis said...

It probably won't help your mood, but for the first time in my life I will have a better phone than you tonight!

Simon said...

Russ - I have the HTC Touch at the moment. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm just completely bored with it. If you want, when I upgrade, you can have mine off me to try it... email me about it if you want.
Charlie - What you getting? One of those fancy 'cordless' ones for your house?

Charlie Naseweis said...

har. iphone

Anonymous said...

Tell them that you are going to move to Apple and get an iPhone ... they'll start offering you all kinds of deals (as well as telling you that iPhones are crap). That's what happened to me. When are you out of contract?

Phil Dawson said...

how can we possibly comment without knowing the amounts of x and y?

if there is a $1 (no pound key on oz keyboards! grr) difference then do it!

Simon said...

Phil - good point. The second value was 50% more than the first! So its a lot. However, an update - I phoned yesterday to be told the price was now the first price again! So who KNOWS what price it'll be today??