Monday, 30 March 2009


Jake had his first proper performance for his stage school yesterday. They'd been working on it for months with rehearsing, costume making etc. and yesterday was the one off performance.
Now this wasn't like a normal school production, in front of 30 or 40 people on the school stage - this was in front of over 200 people on a proper stage with lighting and everything. I didn't think I could feel more proud of him (like when I watch him play football) but bugger me. He was fantastic. I know, I know, biased parent etc. so I will also say that the whole cast was excellent. But of course, he was the one that me, my wife, my in-laws and my parents had all gone to see.
200 plus people? I was nervous just sitting in the bloody audience in front of all those strangers! But Jake didn't show any nerves at all, he was brilliant. In fact, watching him, and some of the littler ones (the age range was from 4 to 16) I will admit to getting a little choked up sometimes.
A really good day. But bless him, he was knackered last night - he had been there all day for rehearsing etc. and so by the end of the performance, on the way home, you could see he was shattered. But he has done something I could never do at his age. And I am immensely proud.

In other news - if you want to feel like you've been rolled down a flight of stairs then sat on my half the cast of the Roly Polys (remember them?) I recommend sleeping on an air bed with a slow puncture, on a wooden floor. Start off on air-supported comfort when you go to bed, and wake up at 03.00AM on a three-quarter deflated scrotum-sack of a rubber, with the wooden floor biting into your arse and just enough air left in the bed so that every time you move you get thrown all over the place. It has to be one of the most uncomfortable experiences I've ever had in bed...(apart from that time I woke up next to the lollipop lady and the prostitute...).
So this week... not much planned at all. No football tonight (I've been told to rest by my doctor because I have a stomach muscle strain) and no golf either this week for the same reason. So it's a quiet week for me. I may have to get the guitar out some more... I've been neglecting it for a while and I'm starting to miss it. Have a good Monday everyone.
Soundtrack of the day: Green Day - random selection of tracks from all of their albums

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