Friday, 13 March 2009

Red Nose Day

Yes, it's Red Nose Day today. Now I'm all for 'charity' and the like, but I must say I don't like feeling pressured into doing things I don't want to do, all in the name of 'charity'. For example, at work today, we are 'allowed' to wear jeans for a small donation to the cause... but with the usual caveat that we don't wear anything else other than work attire (shoes, shirts etc.). So I don't normally bother - I mean, I'm not a school kid, it doesn't bother me what I wear to work so I don't get all excited about being allowed to wear denim. The thing is, when you turn up at work and get asked "Oh, you not wearing jeans today?" you get looked at funny because "it's for charity, init?" I do enough for charity in my own way, thank you very much, and because I don't wanna actually donate to this particular cause I should not be made to feel a pariah by people. Saying that, I did buy something from Sainsburys today and chucked my change into the Red Nose bucket rather than in my pocket, so I suppose I've done my own little bit today. Oh, and the TV can sometimes be good on Red Nose Day night so I'll look forward to seeing what they've got lined up.
In other news...
I'm off to my annual golf society away-days this weekend (Sunday & Monday) so I really can't wait for that. I'll leave early Sunday morning, get to the hotel in Shropshire, play golf on Sunday, have 'refreshments' and dinner in the hotel, bed & breakfast, and then another round of golf on the Monday. As we used to say in school, it's gonna be wicked. Will report back after the event.
Have a great weekend listeners, and remember, today's for charity init...?
Update: I had to share these amazing images with you all... enjoy.

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