Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Moral dilemma

Good morning children. Advice / comments sought.

I was looking at our team diary here in my I.S department this morning and came across an entry posted by someone in the U.S. I work with this person, and he has an impact on my job, and so I thought I'd see what the item was he had posted because the subject was "Notes Development" which is basically, kinda my job. It turns out it was an email from my boss, to him, asking for a meeting to discuss how the Notes Development role moves forward within the company. My name is mentioned (of course) and what has been suggested, I have some thoughts on. So - the question is, do I get in touch with my boss and give him my comments? Or do I wait and see what happens? I haven't done anything wrong, as the diary entry is available for all to see... but I feel that if I comment on it I could be told it's "none of my business" (in the nicest possible way) even though what is being discussed will affect me. What do you all think internet land? Responses in the usual way...

Meanwhile - soundtrack of the day will be "Return To Cookie Mountain" again by TV On The Radio.


Anonymous said...

I find it quite incredible that they have put this level of detail in a meeting description. As they have posted this into the public domain for you and the rest of the company to see, I would speak to your boss about it. Say you saw the meeting in the diary and ask if there's any input you can give to the discussion. I presume it's not totally negative because you're not freaking out. Also I don't see this as a moral dilemma because it's not like you came across this information by underhand means. If it was about me, I would be talking to someone about this right now. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Or you could use the information without revealing that you know it by feeding your colleague some ideas about how YOU want things to develop and hope that he takes them onboard and into the discussion?

Charlie Naseweis said...

I reckon you should take a leaf out of the book 'Dice Man', & let the die decide:

roll 1-2: ask for a constructive meeting with your boss to discuss at the earliest opportunity

roll 3: angrily confront your colleague who wrote the comment

roll 4: post your own comment on the team diary

roll 5: go to work naked tomorrow

roll 6: slaughter a sheep and throw it's bloody carcus onto the bonnet of your MD's car.

Good luck, and remember, it's just a bit of fun.