Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I'm not unreasonable, but...

I play football every Monday night. I love it. The fact that his aging crap factory that is my body can still run around and be effective on a football pitch makes me happy. And even though I say it myself, I am good at it. I'm not good at much, but football? Yes.
Anyway, each week we get anywhere between 12 and 16 people turn up. For the mathematically weak amongst you that means sometimes we get even sides (good) sometimes odd (bad). I don't mind at all being on the side with one less, it means I have to work harder, I see more of the ball, there's more space... but the problem is you have to have team mates who work as hard as you. That means tracking back, marking men, moving for the ball etc. and when I am on a side that has one or more players who DON'T do that... good gravy it winds me up. I was getting very angry last night with one particular player - he didn't want to track back, just stay up front goal hanging. Fine - if he could put the ball in the back of the net when he got it! Instead, when the ball reached him, he'd fanny around with it and lose it and then the other team would be on the attack again. Cursing under my breath I was. At half time, we swapped, so we had the extra man and you would have thought that would have made a difference - did it f*ck. The same person did the grand total of sweet f.a. still, and to make things worse, a couple of other players thought we didn't have to work anymore now we had an extra man and just stopped running. It really does frustrate me as I only play once a week, for that hour, and if it's a crap game because of other people... sake. I don't demand they be as good as me - some aren't as technically gifted (hem hem) but just to run, mark, tackle, the normal stuff any lump with two legs can do. I hear the same excuses about this bloke every week (he's injured, he's tired, he just wants to play up front...). Tosser. Yes we lost last night.


russ said...

Tell him that it's move from Mondays to Tuesdays!!!

Actually, I'll do it for you:

"Graham, there's been a change..."

Charlie Naseweis said...

you cheeky bar steward Russ!

1. I play thursdays not mondays

2. I generally "run my dogs off" every week.

3. I've been playing really well recently.

4. I bite very easily at blog comments!

Phil Dawson said...

Get a room you 2!