Monday, 23 March 2009

I keep giggling

See, I told you I'd post more - two posts already and its not even 10.00.

I just read on another website this sentence - "...shit-your-pants excitement..."
It doesn't matter what it was associated with, but when I read that, I got an instant picture that now every time I see it in my mind, I start giggling. I'll try and share it in a way that makes it clear.

I see a small boy - about 4 or 5 years old. He's just seen something... I don't know what, some new toy, or something happening near him, or something. His eyes are wide open, his mouth is fixed in a teeth clenching grin, slightly manic, slightly unsure, and he's literally vibrating with excitement and there is a faint whiff of a filled nappy (diaper for our American cousins).

It doesn't work does it? You can't see my mind-picture can you? But when I see it, I just start in like a little school girl....teeheeheehee... Peace.


Phil Dawson said...
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Phil Dawson said...

If your 4-5 year old is still in a nappy you'd just be shitt-y.

Sorry to pick your story apart but its just my way of existing.

: )