Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It's like making love

My attitude toward blogging, that is.
No, not sweaty, panicky and with mixed results.
I mean I'm hoping to start off slow (the odd post here and there over the next few weeks) build up momentum (a few more posts, more often) and then approach a massive messy climax (a post every couple of days).
I do miss writing things for my reader to read but my motivation and inspiration are like my hair - very sparse and fading fast.   What triggered another bout of desire to write something was just a harmless tweet from someone I follow (https://twitter.com/#!/cjade82).  We've had a couple of conversations via another mutual twitter acquaintance (https://twitter.com/#!/NotBanksy01) and she just happened to tell me she'd been "reading and enjoying my blog".
"So why don't I post more?" I thought.  There's nothing stopping me, when I haven't got no.1 son with me I have bog all else to do in the evenings... so why not get going again?

We can expect posts on subjects such as:
 - My attitude toward social media
 - How am I coping after my divorce (that should be a riot, that one!)
 - Fatherhood
 - Why I still can't abide the general, unwashed, ignorant, masses
 - My alternating mental state
 - Questions and subjects to spark debate and thinking among my loyal followers follower.

So stay tuned, if you're still around thank you for you patience, and please feel free to share this with others.