Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Naughty boy

I have splurged again and bought a new toy. A Nintendo Wii.
I know, I know, I must be mad, but my justifications are good... its the sort of thing that Jake will love. There are games on there that all three of us can play which should be good fun. I can imagine getting my friends round for a few beers and playing some games (fnar) which should be hilarious. AND they are very hard to get hold of so when I had the chance to get one I had to snap it up. If I can be @rsed I might write a proper little review of it for you all.
I am working from home today as I am expecting some deliveries, my laptop being the main one. Looking forward to getting it, as it has Vista on it and Im looking forward to seeing what thats like.
Also ordered some more memory for it (it only came with 512MB) to put it up to a 1GB, and that should be arriving today. The new laptop bag I ordered for it has already turned up... its nice, and it looked good on the website... but now I've got it, it looks a bit... well... camp.
Here's a link to an image of it.

Have a good day everyone. Im off up North tomorrow so might not be able to post for a couple of days. I hope people are still reading this, and if so, spread the word...

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