Friday, 27 June 2008

A day off

I had a day off yesterday, I went up to Gloucester and played golf with a friend of mine. It was a really nice day weather-wise, although a bit windy on the course... we both played some good golf, and it ended up a draw, which was a fair result. However, from my putter being on fire on Monday, it was colder than a witches tit yesterday and I couldn't sink a thing. If I could have putted, I would have won. Still, it was nice to get away from the office and spend the day on the golf course. (Hopefully, playing again on Monday and a new course I haven't played before.)

Plans for the weekend - Saturday morning, training with Jake, Saturday afternoon Jake has a golf lesson. Sunday, no plans as yet. Oh, apart from maybe watching the Euro 2008 final, between Germany and Spain. Now at the start of the tournament, I said to my friends that I wanted Spain to win, but if I were a betting man, I would put my money on Germany... so I'm right so far on both counts, so we'll see.

Ordered some old Aerosmith stuff the other day, so that should be turning up today hopefully. (Inspiration from Slash's autobiography).

Finally, been playing the guitar again at home after a long lay off... not recording anything (no peace in the house) but it feels good making music again.

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greeny said...

Bravo on the music making...

Golf is good for the soul...anyone's but mine, that is.
It's good you got out and treated yourself to some enjoyment.

Bravo on making music again.