Monday, 2 June 2008

Nearly a week since my last post

So apologies. Been in a real funk recently, very low and fed up.

I guess I'd better update whats been happening... well, I bought a new car. Its the same make and model as my last one, just the new model. It's three years old (no, it's not brand new, I couldn't quite stretch to that) but its one of the higher end models. It has leather interior 6 CD changer, air-con, digital DAB radio, auto headlights, auto wind screen wipers, cruise control, easy-tronic gear box... it's very nice. Oh, and metallic black. A good looking car.

I've also decided to give up beer as much as possible for the month of June. See, I'm going on a stag weekend in the early part of July, and during this stag weekend, I'm gonna need to wear a wet suit (the guy who's do it is is into surfing and body boarding, and wants us ALL involved). At the moment, if I put on a wet suit, I'd like look 8 lbs of shit in a 4 lb bag, so I need to lose some weight. Cutting down on the beer as much as possible, and eating a little better (I don't eat that badly really, but I can do a little better) should hopefully trim off some of the excess 'baggage'. I can't say I'll give up beer completely - that would be too hard, but I will only drink it at weekends, and in moderation.

I'm sure there has been other things going on, but right now, I can't really think of anything. Oh, and no golf yet, itching to play... hopefully this week.



greeny said...

You have my admiration. A good goal to achieve.
I hate having to give up anything.

greeny said...

Adn the new car sounds great. It always makes one feel like a million dollars when they get behind the wheel of a nice car.