Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I've spoken to my regular golf partner. We've patched things up and we're gonna have a round again next week. This makes me happy.


greeny said...

Can you fill us in on what happened?
Come'on. Tell us...Spill it!

teahouse said...

This is very funny..and perfectly illustrates the difference between men and women. Were it my problem, I'd probably write a 3-page long post talking about what happened between us, how she made me feel, some of her bitchy comments, etc. It's nice that you guys can vent out your frustrations on the golf course.

Simon said...

greeny - it's far too boring and trivial to go into, suffice it to say it was a case of clashing egos and misunderstanding.

teahouse - you are right, men can make up after a blazing row or even a fist fight with a simple nod and an "alright?" whereas its a LOT more complicated with women. But then that's what makes them so fascinating, to me anyway.