Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Hello hello

Back to work today after the bank holiday off.
Saturday: Took Jake to his second training session with his potential new club, and as biased as I am, he really impressed them! Considering Tuesday he was overly quiet and didn't get involved much, on Saturday he played very well, and I was very proud.
He then had his second golf lesson in the afternoon, and did well there too, according to the pro.

Sunday: Went to the driving range with Jake & my dad - he wants to start getting back into golf, so I gave me a complete set of my old clubs, and he after a few bad hits he started hitting the ball well again. I think a few more sessions down the range and he will be back into it. In the afternoon watched City lose their penultimate game of the season away to Liverpool.

Monday: Mowed the lawn and sorted out the plants in the garden (cut back the dead bits, re-bedded those ones that the dog had got at... we used to have such a nice garden before he started peeing everywhere!) then went to my parents in the evening for dinner. So a nice relaxing weekend really. Oh, and I read a whole novel in three days! I re-read jPod by Douglas Coupland. A really good book, but I can't believe how quick I read it. I'm now re-reading a book by A. M. Holmes called This Book Will Save Your Life (it's fiction) but I will be visiting the book shop today as Im jonesing for a new book to read.

This week: Another training session for Jake tonight, Im playing golf after work tomorrow, and then no plans as yet for Thursday or Friday.

I'll try and post more interesting stuff up here later this week. Peace.

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greeny said...

It's so fantastic you have time dedicated to Jake for things you can share. And your dad getting back into golf and going with you and Jake is a great way to spend time. I know here people dont devote that much of themselves to the family unit.

Ugh, I hear you about the animal excrement. I deal with 3 cats in the yard and I just lost sleep over the nastiness.

Sounds like you are calmer and more content now...maybe due to the spectacular weather?