Friday, 23 May 2008

Day Five

Good morning America.
Yes, today is the day I fly home... Im at work at the moment, will be leaving here at 13.00 in a cab to O'Hare and then off I fly.

Its been a good trip, got some good work done, played a LOT of golf :-) , and eaten far too much.
I didn't do much last night, was a little bit lonely in the hotel on my own, but found Casino Royale on the T.V so watched that before bed time.

Back to reality next week, so more boring posts on the horizon. Have a good weekend all.

Soundtrack of the day: "Hey Ma" the new album by James. (Im giving the Scroobious Pip one a rest today, don't wanna get bored of it, but no doubt it will be on the play list on the plane home!)
and "Blue" by Joni Mitchell.

Oh, I nearly forgot, here's a picture of a shake I had at Steak & Shake at lunchtime yesterday...

Yes it was a nice as it looked, it was HUGE, served in an iced glass...


greeny said...

YOu better be ready for sleeping on the plane. I did the math and you are screwed when you get home! It will make for one unhappy Englishman.

teahouse said...

Wow, Steak and Shake. There's a name I haven't heard since my childhood days in the Deep South!

Hope you have a great long weekend.

Simon said...

teahouse - thanks, Im looking forward to gettin back into the swing of things in the UK.
I really enjoyed the Steak & Shake lunch.. the burger was something I hadn't had before and the shake was... wow!